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Every Touring Car Driver Since 1958 Ranked

by Sean Wrona

Over the past six months, I have been working on probably the most intensive project of my life with the exception of my typing book. As you know, I have been calculating models ranking drivers across a wide range of motorsports disciplines and eras as preliminary research for my second book wherein I will rank the top 1,000 drivers in motorsports history. In each of these models, I count head-to-head records for each pair of teammates including only the races where both drivers. The models are designed so that an average driver has a rating of 0 while each driver's rating reflects the expected probability that the given driver will beat an average teammate minus 0.5. The vast majority of drivers in all my models will be situated between -0.5 and 0.5 representing an expected probability range of 0% to 100%. However, if a driver gets swept by a driver rated >= .5 or sweeps a driver rated <= -.5, I set the rating for those teammate comparisons to 0 because I do not want to penalize a driver for sweeping an awful driver or reward a driver for getting swept by a great one.

After completing my stock car model in 2021 and my complete open wheel model last year, I wanted to start work on a third model to rank touring car drivers throughout history. Most people when assembling a greatest drivers list (especially in the United States) would just formulate a list almost entirely consisting of some combination of Formula 1, NASCAR, and IndyCar drivers with maybe a few token rally and sports car drivers sprinkled in but I knew that neglects a sizable percentage of the motorsports landscape.

Touring car racing tends to be one of the most overlooked disciplines in motorsports as most touring car series tend to take place over a particular country or geographic region and don't often get broad exposure outside their home country. I've noticed that the drivers in these series are perennially underrated in most international driver rankings as they are generally considered second-rate relative to open wheel drivers. Never mind that a lot of star open wheel drivers spent considerable time in touring cars (usually after their open wheel careers ended) and were not necessarily great. For example, 1980 Formula One champion Alan Jones spent the second half of his career racing touring car in Australia and only managed a career record of 67-100 against his teammates, notably losing to Supercars champion Glenn Seton 39-13 and the more obscure Supercars driver Tony Longhurst 40-10. Keke Rosberg, an F1 champion two years later, spent three years in the German DTM series where he was decent but he was definitely significantly outperformed by three of his teammates: 1996 champion Manuel Reuter and five-time champions Klaus Ludwig and Bernd Schneider. The same goes for F1 stars like Jean Alesi (66-90), David Coulthard (8-14), Mika Häkkinen (22-49), and Ralf Schumacher (21-91) who all had losing records in their touring car careers, often against drivers who never had the opportunity to compete in open wheel races at the major league level. Some of the hottest open wheel prospects ended up spending their prime years in touring cars after they couldn't find F1 rides and they often did better than the ex-F1 stars. These included 2002 German F3 champion Gary Paffett, 2004 Formula 3 Euroseries champion Jamie Green (who scored more points that year than full-timers Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton combined), and future IndyCar driver Robert Wickens, who beat a stout field including Jean-Éric Vergne, Alexander Rossi, and Daniel Ricciardo en route to winning the Formula Renault 3.5 championship.

My other models were ambitious enough, but this was the most ambitious of the lot. People have obviously made models to rate Formula One and NASCAR drivers before although I'm not sure whether anyone else built a model to rate F1 drivers alongside drivers in other open wheel series before me. Constructing this was a challenge because I wanted to make sure to include all the drivers from the major league touring car series while also avoiding being too expansive in my driver selection. I thus first needed to determine which touring car series count as major leagues and what do not and what series and races count as touring car series and what do not. These were not easy calls to make.

Ultimately I decided to include all drivers who made at least one start in one of ten touring car disciplines. These were: the TCR World Tour (and any of its predecessors, the Touring Car World Cup, World Touring Car Championship, World Touring Car Cup, and TCR International Series), DTM (and both its predecessors DRM and DPM), the Supercars Championship (and its predecessor the Australian Touring Car Championship), the British Touring Car Championship, the Super Tourenwagen Cup, the Japanese Touring Car Championship, the European Touring Car Championship, ETCR (the eTouring Car World Cup), Stock Car Brasil (recently named Stock Car Pro), and Porsche Supercup.

I included drivers from these series only in seasons where either the entirety or nearly the entirety of the schedule consisted of races with one driver per car. There was a European Touring Car Championship that ran under various names from 1963-88, but most of that series's history consisted of multi-driver teams more like a sports car series. The same holds true for the inaugural World Touring Car Championship in 1987 (which was loosely related to the original ETCC) and the Japanese Touring Car Championship prior to 1994. However, one exception I made is that I did include all drivers who made at least one start in Australia's two big endurance races, the Bathurst 1000 and Sandown 500, even when they did not count towards the Australian Touring Car Championship (which they usually didn't until the series became V8 Supercars in 1999.) It is impossible to consider an Australian touring car driver's career without considering their performance in those races as they do make up a significant portion of drivers' legacies in a way not really comparable to any other race in another touring car series. I do count the races in the multi-driver series for each driver's record, but I did not automatically include drivers in my model if they competed in any of these series but did not compete in any of the single-driver series, because that would have added too many more drivers to the model and this was already big enough. So for example, in this year's Sandown 500, which was the last Supercars race, Broc Feeney and Jamie Whincup won in one of the three Triple Eight Engineering entries while Shane van Gisbergen and Richie Stanaway finished 3rd and Zane Goddard and Craig Lowndes finished 10th. In my model I counted it as a 4-0 record for Feeney/Whincup, a 2-2 record for van Gisbergen/Stanaway, and an 0-4 record for Goddard/Lowndes, and likewise for all other multi-driver races.

I wanted to avoid adding too many multi-driver races to the model so I had to draw a line between sports car and touring car races and that is a line that is very nebulous historically. Are classic races like the Spa 24 Hours, Nürburgring 24 Hours, and the RAC Tourist Trophy sports car or touring car races? All three of these races have been classified as both throughout their history and have been officially part of touring car season schedules. I think most people would classify endurance races such as these as sports car races because when people think of touring car racing, they think of single-driver races (with the exception of the Supercars endurance races.) The fairly arbitrary line I drew is that I decided to include these races in the model if they counted towards an official touring car championship and exclude them if they did not. Generally, if a race or series could be better classified as a sports car series than a touring car series (such as the World Sports Car Championship, World Endurance Championship, IMSA, and various national or international GT races) I did not include it.

The exceptions I made to that rule besides Bathurst and Sandown included the earlier years of the European Touring Car Championship, Japanese Touring Car Championship, and World Touring Car Championship when they had multiple-driver teams (I couldn't really avoid them since they were explicitly billed as touring car championships), the European Championship for GT cars (which was the only GT series that got full coverage on TouringCarRacing.net, where I got most of my data from) as well as the current seasons of DTM and Porsche Supercup and its subsidiary Porsche Carrera Cup series.

Most touring car fans will tell you that Porsche Supercup is not a touring car series because the type of car it uses is the Porsche 911 GT3, which is generally regarded as a sports car. Most sports car and touring car fans classify series based on the type of car raced while I am more interested in grouping the trends amongst drivers and the interconnections between series. Porsche Supercup is the parent series of a vast array of regional Porsche Carrera Cup series, the most famous being the German, British, and Australian series. But one thing I noticed was that numerous drivers went back and forth between these series. The Porsche Carrera Cup Great Britain is officially a support series for the BTCC, as the Porsche Carrera Cup Australia is for Supercars and the Porsche Carrera Cup Germany is for DTM. An absolute ton of drivers have crossed back and forth between their domestic series. For example, 1992 BTCC champion Tim Harvey eventually left the series and almost immediately afterward switched to the Porsche Carrera Cup Great Britain where he went on to win two championships. Dan Cammish was one of the most dominant minor league drivers in history in British Formula Ford and the Porsche Carrera Cup Great Britain before he went on to Porsche Supercup and then immediately after that he raced in the BTCC. When Cammish bizarrely was released from his ride three races into the 2021 season, he returned to Porsche Carrera Cup and won another championship. Lots of drivers went immediately back and forth between Porsche Supercup and DTM over the years, and five of the drivers currently racing in DTM: René Rast (who won both championships three times), current points leader Thomas Preining and Preining's teammate Dennis Olsen, and the fellow teammate pair Laurin Heinrich and Ayhancan Güven were all the highest-rated Porsche Supercup drivers in my model in various years. Three of the Sandown 500 co-drivers who finished in the top seven (David Russell, Dale Wood, and Alex Davison) are all regulars in the Porsche Carrera Cup Australia this year.

The bottom line to me is that if drivers go back and forth between all these series constantly like clockwork and all the Porsche Carrera Cup series are feeder series for their respective domestic touring car championships, then I think Porsche Supercup and all the Porsche Carrera Cup series should count towards this model, even if they are not "technically" touring car series. The same goes for DTM, which is now considered to be a GT series and no longer a touring car series even though "Tourenwagen" is still in the name. Four of the drivers who competed in DTM when it was officially a touring car series (René Rast, Sheldon van der Linde, Marco Wittmann, and Lucas Auer) are still there and it would seem weird for me to include some but not all their seasons just because the type of car changed. As I said, many of the newer DTM drivers came directly from Porsche Supercup anyway and if I think that should count then modern DTM should count too. Since they are single-driver series that do consist of many, many drivers who did compete in some other major league touring car series or likely will in the future, I think they should count. While most people think the major distinction between sports car series and touring car series is the type of car, I think the main distinction is between single-driver and multi-driver series. I probably would have ruled differently about DTM and Porsche Supercup if they became multi-driver series but if the goal here is to evaluate road racing drivers in full-body cars while focusing primarily on single-driver series because it's difficult to determine which driver is doing more of the work on a multi-driver team then I think I made the right decision to include these series, even though Porsche Supercup was admittedly exhausting to include since the multi-car teams there tend to be massive and there are more mid-season driver changes and one-offs there than any other series I can think of.

To determine which races to include for each driver, I used four main websites. TouringCarRacing.net had the best coverage for the earlier touring car series, but that archive stops in the year 1993 when most of the world's touring car series were suddenly rebranding as "supertouring" series. No problem. The Super Touring Register has better coverage for the '90s and 2000s races, while for most other races in that era and more recently I used Wikipedia. I did Google searches for each driver's name on TouringCarRacing.net to make sure I could identify all their races and I mainly used Super Touring Register to fill in the gaps for the races that neither TouringCarRacing.net nor Wikipedia had. I also used racing-reference.info for some of the Supercars data to confirm which drivers were actual teammates. For the record, I only included drivers as teammates if the team name was the same or at least the two cars shared a co-owner. Satellite operations which are common in BTCC and Supercars were not counted as teammates unless the Wikipedia links to each team name linked to the same page. TouringCarRacing.net was missing some team names particularly for the European Touring Car Championship and World Touring Car Championship from the '60s-'80s, so to fill in those gaps, I used RacingSportsCars.com, which did have better coverage for listing the car owners of ETCC and WTCC teams than TouringCarRacing did, but I did not collect data from any of the sports car series on that site that weren't officially billed as touring car championships.

As usual, I only included races where both drivers finished but that was not always clear. There were certain races on the TouringCarRacing.net pages that had notes listed in the "Reason out, remarks" column where it was unclear to me whether the driver finished or not so I had to make my own best guess in those scenarios. There were many races where drivers were listed without finishing positions because apparently the entry lists were known but the complete finishing results were not; I did not count any of those races towards the model. Many touring car series have had rounds that are split into heat races. If both races counted for championship points as part of a season schedule, then I counted both races. However, if only one race counted for points then I only counted that one. If the two heat races were combined into a single round and did not count for points as separate races, then I only counted the teammate comparison once and only if both drivers finished both heat races (so if driver A beat driver B in race 1 but then driver A DNFed in race 2 of a two-race round that only counted for composite points, I didn't count it.) I did count any independent races that did not count toward championship points towards any touring car championship on TouringCarRacing.net along with some non-points events on the BTCC, DTM, and Supercars schedule but I excluded races that were originally intended to count for championship points but ultimately did not because they were rain-shortened or otherwise canceled short of the distance they would have required to count for points. A lot of these decisions were fairly arbitrary but I think they were correct. Bizarrely, there was one DTM non-points race in Munich that had an elimination format so a bunch of drivers who didn't make the final eight ended up tying for 9th while those who didn't make the final sixteen tied for 17th. There were some teammates in there, so as a result there are a few 2010s DTM drivers with "half wins". Jack Sears and John Whitmore also had a more legitimate one in the 1965 Silverstone GP.

If two drivers technically drove for the same team but were listed in separate classes based on the type of car raced, I did not count them as teammates because they had substantially different cars. I usually checked this on TouringCarRacing by determining if the two cars had the same engine displacement because engine displacements are one of the categories of data that site does keep track of. If the engine displacements were at least close (within 20-25 cubic centimeters of each other or less), I counted the two cars as teammates but if there were large differences in engine displacement I did not. If one driver was listed as having traction control but the other didn't, I generally ignored it since it seems like drivers without traction control actually beat the drivers with traction control as often as not. However, if the drivers were placed into separate classes based on the caliber of drivers rather than the type of cars (as in series like some of the Porsche Carrera Cup series which have pro-am and amateur classes), I did count them as teammates since the drivers differed more than the cars in those cases.

While I tended to be exclusive when it came to races that could be better classified as sports car races (with the exception of modern DTM and Porsche Supercup), I tended to be extremely inclusive with regard to what type of series I included among single-driver series. Essentially any single-driver series where drivers raced on road courses in any kind of performance, production, saloon, and/or touring car was fair game for my model if I could find the data on Wikipedia. I did not only use the English language version, as I obtained almost all my data about the Argentinean touring car series from Spanish Wikipedia (although there were a lot of seasons where the Turismo Carretera and Top Race series did not have complete results data), a lot of my Stock Car Brasil data from Portuguese Wikipedia (I was unable to find the results from the 2000-2002 races anywhere but I was able to find the results from all other seasons going back to 1979), and some of my DTM and Porsche Carrera Cup data from German Wikipedia. I was unable to find the results from the 1993-1999 Porsche Supercup seasons anywhere and I was also unable to find the results from a lot of the individual Porsche Carrera Cup series, but I did a very thorough job otherwise. I included over a hundred different series here, including some quirky ones like European and Brazilian truck racing championships (did you know that after Felipe Giaffone's too-brief IndyCar career ended that he became a legend of Brazilian truck racing? I did not until now...) I also included a couple electric car championships like the Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy, a few other GT Series like the ADAC GT Cup (which only existed for one year in 1993), ADAC Supercup in the '80s (which was loosely affiliated with the World Sportscar Championship; it ran some shared races and used the same cars, but was largely independent), along with pretty much every minor league or feeder series for the major league championships. I also included the BMW M1 Procar championship which only ran for two years in 1979 and 1980 but featured many of the top F1 drivers of the day racing against sports car and touring car stars from other series.

Pretty much any series was fair game for me as long as it was road courses only (or almost entirely road courses - I think Stock Car Brasil had a few ovals in some seasons) and single-driver cars. However, drivers had to be split into separate teams. I did find some series with eligible drivers that did not appear to be driving for separate teams; I didn't include those. However, any series that was listed with drivers driving for separate teams was included. I admit in some of these series like Porsche Supercup and the Porsche Carrera Cup series that all drivers drove the same identically-prepared cars so I'm not sure how much effect the teams had in terms of differentiating the equipment. I assumed that if drivers were driving for separate teams that the team personnel did contribute to the speed of the cars. After all, I remember how all IndyCar teams from 2006-11 used the same Dallara chassis and Honda engines and all the equipment was the same but the quality of the team did play a role so I figured the same would play a role here even though I still don't know enough about Porsche Supercup.

I wanted to do this model for a variety of reasons. Besides feeling I needed to do so in order to create a more accurate analysis of racing drivers, there were several specific motivating factors here. One of them is that many (perhaps even most) of the greatest drivers in sports car history (particularly in the last 50 years) drove major league touring cars at some point in their careers, especially Porsche Supercup, which has really had a roll call of eventually-great sports car drivers passing through it including (are you ready?) René Rast, Kévin Estre, Richard Westbrook, Wolf Henzler, Earl Bamber, Jörg Bergmeister, Nicki Thiim, Richard Lietz, Michael Ammermüller, Mathieu Jaminet, and Matt Campbell. That largely sums up an entire era of (especially European GT) sports car racing, doesn't it? Most of the big Le Mans stars of the '80s, '90s, and 2000s like Klaus Ludwig, Hans-Joachim Stuck, Tom Kristensen, Frank Biela, Emanuele Pirro, Rinaldo Capello, Allan McNish, and so on were full-time touring car drivers, so the number of great sports car drivers who are not covered by either my open wheel or my touring car model is actually relatively small, and it's mostly just the American drivers. I am effectively also using this as a model to help me rank sports car drivers against each other so I can determine how much of a role each driver played on some of those legendary sports car teams, and I think this will be very effective in doing that.

Another reason I decided to build this model and made it so expansive was the recent success of Supercars drivers internationally, which seems to be leading to a gold rush in touring car drivers being sought out for other series. This arguably started with Scott McLaughlin's successful switch to IndyCar. While he didn't win the title this year like I thought he would, he still does seem to be very close to overtaking Josef Newgarden as the top driver at Team Penske. While I was working on the model, it was announced that two-time defending Supercars champion Shane van Gisbergen, who won both of the chapionships after McLaughlin left, would be starting the inaugural Cup race on the Chicago street course. My highly ambitious goal was to finish this model in advance of that race because it would have been a very timely article, but I didn't come close to doing that. When he became the first driver to win on his Cup Series debut in 60 years, that seems to be leading to even more interest in touring car drivers. Former DTM champion Mike Rockenfeller is making more and more NASCAR starts. Supercars points leader Brodie Kostecki is being sought out for a potential NASCAR move. But I think if there is one driver that really set me on the path to doing this, it was Agustín Canapino.

When Agustín Canapino's IndyCar hiring was announced, he was lambasted throughout American media as an unqualified ride-buying hack who had no business getting an IndyCar ride considering he had almost no open wheel experience even though he was a legend in his home country while nobody seemed to be criticizing the other rookies Marcus Armstrong, Sting Ray Robb, and Benjamin Pedersen, who were all mediocre and uninspiring open wheel ladder drivers. In the wake of Scott McLaughlin's success, I thought Canapino was an interesting idea and as I did more research into him, I was gobsmacked by his record. One of only four drivers to win all three of the major Argentinean touring car championships (TC2000, Turismo Carretera, and Top Race.) Five Top Race titles in a row and six overall. Four Turismo Carretera titles including three in a row. 87 wins overall in those three series in a rather short period from 2008-2022. Yet I saw people who should know better like Marshall Pruett immediately dismissing this by arguing those series were irrelevant even though I knew upon doing research that José María López came directly from those series to winning three consecutive World Touring Car Championships, where he actually faced less competition than he did in Argentina, and Canapino usually even beat López there. Another TC2000 champion Néstor Girolami has been winning lots of international touring car races too. I think Americans felt that entire scene was dismissible because nobody writes about it in English and I wanted to do my own research to see how good he really was. The funny thing is that most of the American insiders had so few expectations for him that the fact that he achieved even as much as he did led Pruett (who had criticized him before) to later call him "the greatest story of the year." I on the other hand had a lot higher expectations and as a result I was disappointed as he seemed a lot more mediocre than I was expecting (and yes, I know how slow the cars are.) I was so annoyed by all the backlash he was getting initially that I started this year wanting to root for him, but all that good will was squandered in my opinion when some of his more vociferous fans sent death threats to Callum Ilott after two incidents he arguably didn't even cause and then Canapino added fuel to the fire after the season finale by criticizing Ilott himself in the wake of all that. I came to the eventual conclusion that while he was vastly underrated by American fans in the beginning while also being overrated by some Argentineans who seem to act like he's the reincarnation of Fangio when he isn't close to that, he is overrated as an open wheel driver now as a lot of people seem to be impressed that he wasn't Sting Ray Robb because they expected him to be a hack and a roadblock. I did not expect that but I don't really see future IndyCar stardom from him in a way I might have before the start of the season. As for this model, if only there was some way I could compare what McLaughlin did in Australia to what Canapino did in Argentina... Well, eventually I did it.

But Canapino is not the Argentinean driver who leads this model. That honor goes to Mauro Giallombardo, the 2012 Turismo Carretera champion who won three races there, two in Top Race, and co-drove the winning entry at TC2000's premier endurance race in Buenos Aires. Giallombardo did not have a great number of teammate comparisons, primarily because he spent most of his time in Turismo Carretera and I was unable to find complete results for most of that era's races. However, among what I was able to find he had a clean sweep with an 11-0 record including wins over Canapino, two-time TC2000 champion and current points leader Leonel Pernía, and Stock Car Brasil champion David Muffato (who is admittedly one of the weakest Stock Car Brasil champions.) Giallombardo suffered a head injury in a road accident in 2017 and was placed in an induced coma for a month. While he did improve, he has not raced since. Although he doesn't seem to be one of the all-time legends of Argentinean racing, it seems like there was potential there for a legendary career that was never realized.

When I was starting work on the model, I initially assumed that Jim Clark would be leading it. I already knew that on top of his F1, IndyCar, and Tasman Series success that he also won the British Touring Car Championship in 1964, which was then called the British Saloon Car Championship. Having done further research, I realized that he had a 15-0 teammate record including a 5-0 sweep of Jack Sears who was both the first BSCC champion as well as the first driver to win two titles. If he was that dominant against a driver who was arguably dominating over everyone else, that should be enough to lead the model, right? Not quite because it seems like the drivers Giallombardo had as teammates in the 2010s were actually stronger than Jim Clark's teammates in the '60s but regardless, Clark's touring car legacy is a major feather in his cap which the vast majority of his fellow F1 champions cannot match.

Four other drivers posted undefeated records with ten or more teammate comparisons. The most famous one is Yoshimi Katayama, who qualifies as a BSCC driver on a technicality as the RAC Tourist Trophy counted as both a BSCC event and an ETCC event simultaneously but Katayama usually entered ETCC events in Europe also, but even though he drove in multi-car races, he beat the other team car in every single one. He also co-drove with Allan Moffat in the Bathurst 1000 in 1983 and finished 2nd. Prior to the start of his auto racing career, he also won four motorcycle Grand Prix races and later in the '80s and '90s, he went on to score three Le Mans class wins. Clearly Katayama had a successful career that is possibly worthy of placement on my top 1,000 list. The other three drivers Brian Callaghan, Jason Hughes, and David Griessner are more flukish though. All three of those drivers had undefeated records against single teammates who had no other teammate comparisons: Brian Callaghan, Jr., Fiona Leggate, and Andreas Rinke respectively. As a result, all those drivers more or less have undefined ratings because they are not connected to the rest of the model. With each pair of iterations, the undefeated drivers' ratings toggle between 0 and 0.5 while the winless drivers' ratings toggle between 0 and -0.5. Because I conducted an even number of iterations (30) they randomly ended up on the positive side, but it's clear that the ratings for these drivers don't really mean anything because they are effectively undefined.

As for the drivers who were not undefeated, it really shouldn't come as a surprise that René Rast ended up being the highest-rated driver. He won three titles in both Porsche Supercup and DTM and he did so against some exceptional teammates, going 46-14 against Jamie Green, a driver who won 17 DTM races and 29-3 against Norbert Siedler, who won two Porsche Supercup races and had four consecutive top five points finishes in that series. Both of those drivers themselves are very highly rated, so obviously Rast will even be more highly rated. In general I noticed that the DTM drivers tended to be higher than most other drivers, probably in part due to the fact that WTCC and BTCC races frequently had inverted starting grids for one race a weekend, meaning that sort of gimmickiness prevents drivers from obtaining the level of domination that they tend to obtain in more pure formats. The next-highest is Laurent Aïello, one of the drivers who I thought would pose the biggest challenge to the undefeated drivers. Not only did he post an incredible 222-41 teammate record (58-1 greater than Rast even), but he also won championships in four different touring car series in a nine year span: the French Supertouring Championship in 1994, followed by the Super Tourenwagen Cup in 1997, the British Touring Car Championship in 1999, and DTM in 2002. His BTCC championship is by far the most impressive since he did it as a rookie, beat his teammate David Leslie 15-5 (and Leslie is very high rated himself with at least a .500 record against every other teammate), and then immediately left to switch to DTM after a college basketball-esque one-and-done. I'd probably pick him as the greatest touring car driver of all time. He then added a DTM title in 2002 to complete his career before retiring. Marco Wittmann's dominance in DTM in his heyday (which was shortly before Rast's) was pretty analogous so that's not a surprise either. It should come as no surprise that sports car legends like Kévin Estre and Nick Tandy perform very admirably, but I wanted to briefly discuss some of the more obscure names.

Nick Yelloly has recently broken out as an IMSA star with his overall win at the 6 Hours of Watkins Glen alongside teammate Connor de Phillippi. Perhaps his breakthrough could have been predicted if you look at his record here, which is astounding. The 37-4 record is impressive enough, but even more impressive is his 11-1 record against Larry ten Voorde, a driver who might just be the most underrated driver in the world. Even though Porsche Supercup is an important feeder series for sports car talents and serves as a support race for the European rounds of the F1 championship, I never see people raving about those drivers or even talking about them at all unless they succeed in sports car racing later. Part of the reason I really wanted to include Porsche Supercup in the model is that I don't know much about that series either and want to better understand how to evaluate its drivers, who seem to significantly fly under the radar and remain arguably the most underrated in motorsports. However, the series also has a lot of amateur drivers in it and it seems the quality of the field has recently diminished. Despite ten Voorde winning both the Porsche Supercup and Porsche Carrera Cup Germany championships in 2020-2021 simultaneously and posting a 407-31 record, easily the best of any driver with that many teammate comparisons, he did so in general against teammates so lousy that there was a limited amount he could gain in the ratings and he ended up a lot lower than I thought he would and probably underrated. After I finished calculating everybody's teammate comparisons, I actually thought Yelloly would be leading the model because he beat a 407-31 driver by an 11-1 margin, but it turns out the competition level was too bad there to enable him to do that.

A few other drivers were significantly more surprising than even Yelloly. Marcio Campos is a driver I had never heard of and a driver who doesn't even have a Wikipedia page in English or Portuguese, but he did beat Gabriel Robe 7-2 in the Campeonato Brasileiro de Turismo before beating Cesar Ramos 4-2 in Stock Car Brasil. Considering Robe went undefeated against all his other teammates and Ramos is only barely losing a years-long teammate comparison to Thiago Camilo, a 37-time Stock Car Brasil winner, Campos's rating actually makes sense even though it looks like a fluke. Albert Costa is only that high on the list based on comparisons in the minor-league European Mégane Trophy. Similarly, Frank Wrathall ended up rating so highly because he beat future BTCC perennial once-a-year-winner Adam Morgan 22-3; Wrathall did go on to win a BTCC race himself but his career was derailed when he was imprisoned for running over a cyclist in his street car. The obscure Stock Car Brasil driver Laércio Justino, who never won a race there or finished better than 9th in points, ranks 21st in the model with a rating of 0.407 because he went undefeated against two of his three teammates. The exception was his brother Ananias, who he beat only 5-4. Because Ananias lost to Alessandro Weiss in Stock Car Brasil by a greater margin (1-3), that probably explains why Weiss is rated so highly here even though he never won a race either. This particular triumvirate reminds me of that Mark Taylor/Richard Antinucci/Ronnie Bremer where they all bizarrely ended up overrating each other because they didn't have many other connections. I don't really think any of those drivers are list-worthy.

A couple of the other drivers above .4 are worth further discussion though. Kieth O'Dor appears to be one of the model's greatest finds. He only won two major league touring car races, one in the four years he drove in the BTCC and one in a partial 1995 season in the Super Tourenwagen Cup. The same day that he won his first STC race at the AVUS circuit in Germany, he was killed in a crash in the second race at that track's doubleheader. But in retrospect, his teammate comparisons are truly electrifying. He beat three-time BTCC champion Win Percy 8-1 in 1993. The next year, he beat former DTM champion Eric van de Poele 7-1. In his 1995 season, he posted an undefeated 10-0 record against future three-time ALMS champion Sascha Maassen (8-0) and past F1 driver Ivan Capelli (2-0.) He was the highest-rated touring car driver globally in both 1992 and 1995 and considering the very high quality of his competition, this genuinely seems legit and not a fluke. Clearly he was becoming one of the best touring car drivers in the world considering how badly he was blowing out former champions and he just never had a competitive car to prove it.

Sean Edwards is a very similar case. From 2008-2013 he collected eight wins in Porsche Supercup and eight more wins in Porsche Carrera Cup Germany and he was having a spectacular season in 2013. In addition to winning the 24 Hours of Dubai and the 24 Hours of Nürburgring in the same year and generally being regarded as the linchpin of those teams, he was also leading the Porsche Supercup points by a fairly significant margin with two races left and he scored his first ALMS class win at Long Beach too. Edwards had a very eclectic racing career that also included serving as the stunt driver for Ron Howard's Rush and serving as a driving instructor for other racers. Unfortunately, one of his driving students crashed while Edwards was the passenger and Edwards was killed in the crash. I might argue he was racing's biggest loss in the 2010s since it looked like he was well on the way to a superstar sports car career for possibly the next two decades while Dan Wheldon and Justin Wilson seemed to have declined from their peaks in their last couple years. But because so few people pay attention to Porsche Supercup to begin with, Edwards is not someone you tend to hear much about even with his Hollywood connections. He even beat René Rast 8-6 in Porsche Carrera Cup Germany in 2012 making him the only driver who had more than one shared teammate race against Rast to post a winning record against him. His greatness is even more obvious than O'Dor's and he will make the list. Besides I've got to have at least one Sean, don't I?

I'm not going to go into significant detail about most of the other drivers in this section but I will list the highest-rated drivers for each of the other series I have not covered yet. Olimpio Alencar, Jr. is the highest rated Stock Car Brasil driver at .422 and he did have an electrifying career with 21 wins and one title from 1979-1987 including winning a race every year in that time span. Although he wasn't as big a star as drivers like Ingo Hoffmann, Paulo Gomes, and Chico Serra, he had much better teammate records than any of those guys and I was really surprised how low Hoffmann was even though he won twelve championships, but admittedly he didn't have teammates in some of his best years. The highest-rated Australian driver besides the Brian Callaghan anomaly is surprisingly Peter Doulman, a driver who was successful in an uncompetitive car going on to win the 1993 Australian 2.0 Litre Touring Car Championship, a relatively uncompetitive subclass of the ATCC featuring cars with smaller engines and mostly obscure drivers. This series eventually became more competitive with drivers like Tony Longhurst, Paul Morris, Greg Murphy, Geoff Brabham, and Brad Jones and became known as the Australian Super Touring Championship. By the point those drivers were entering, Doulman's moment had passed and although he still outperformed his teammates whenever he entered, he quickly faded from view. I'm not sure what to make of him or his contemporary John Smith, who was also surprisingly one of the highest-rated Australian drivers and had the best teammate rating in Australia two different years. Both of those drivers did beat '70s Aussie legend Colin Bond for the 2 liter championship in 1993 but I think Bond was mostly washed up by then. Ignoring the obscure Australian Supertouring drivers, Scott McLaughlin is the highest-rated Supercars driver and that should come as no surprise to anyone.

The highest-rated World Touring Car driver is a driver you've likely heard of but haven't thought about in years. Jean-Karl Vernay, who used to be known as J.K. Vernay, won the Indy Lights title as a rookie in 2010 and beat a field that included future winners James Hinchcliffe and Charlie Kimball (who were both more experienced) but he was never able to find an IndyCar ride. No matter. He transitioned to sports and touring cars and went on to win the Porsche Carrera Cup France, a Le Mans class win, and a title in the TCR International Series, which was a short-lived spinoff of the World Touring Car Championship that eventually merged back into it to form the World Touring Car Cup (WTCR.) In the first two WTCR seasons in 2018 and 2019, Vernay was matched up against three-time BTCC champion Gordon Shedden, who had won that title as recently as 2016, and he demolished him 32-5. Vernay's rookie championship in Indy Lights the year before Josef Newgarden's rookie championship may have indicated some major potential that was never realized, but he did end up realizing it in a different way and I'm not sure how many people even noticed. Similarly, even though he failed to make it to IndyCar after Ed Jones and his teammate Félix Serralles stole the 2016 Indy Lights title from him by team orders and claimed the ensuing cash prize, Santiago Urrutia has bounced back and become something of a touring car star in his own right with seven WTCR/TCR World Tour wins since the start of 2020 and a quite high rating in this model as well.

Overall it seems like the ratings here are quite a bit inflated compared to the open wheel and stock car models and that makes sense because there are a lot more amateur drivers that make it to the top levels of touring car racing than there are in the other two forms. At some point, I'm going to have to do a comparison between the driver ratings in my open wheel model and those in my touring car model to determine how much I would need to reduce the ratings here to make it comparable to the open wheel model so that I can more accurately understand how to equalize the ratings across each model to reflect for the competitiveness of each series for more accurate overall ranking lists, but that will likely be a project for the future. I do intend to do a rally car model at some point using this same structure, but that probably won't be until next year because I have a lot of more important stuff to focus on now.

This model includes races as early as 1958 and as recent as September 17, but I don't think I entered the DTM races from the following weekend. There were over 5,000 drivers I had to go through to complete this model. A large percentage of them did not have teammates, but 3,001 of those did. Of those 3,001 drivers, there were a massive 1,553 drivers that had at least ten teammate comparisons across all touring car series, and I have listed them from best to worst in the below table. I have also listed their career teammate rating, their highest-rated year, and any major league touring car championships they have won. After that, I have listed the top five highest-rated drivers for each season and below that I have listed the highest-rated drivers for each of the six major leagues that are currently running. The first column lists the highest-rated drivers from either the European and/or World Touring Car Championship (which had various differing names over the years), followed by Supercars, DTM and its predecessors, BTCC, Stock Car Brasil, and Porsche Supercup. I was thinking about adding more detail there, but I'm too worn out and just want to release this now. I realize this is long enough as it is.

The Model

DriverRatingRecordShared RacesBest SeasonChampionships
Mauro Giallombardo0.63211-011
Jim Clark0.57215-0150.665 (1965)BSCC '64
Yoshimi Katayama0.52611-0110.493 (1970)
Rene Rast0.513164-402040.730 (2009)PS '10-12, DTM '17, '19-'20
Brian Callaghan0.50010-0100.000 (1989)
Jason Hughes0.50011-0110.000 (2007)
David Griessner0.50014-0140.000 (2013)
Laurent Aiello0.490222-412630.736 (2005)STC '97, BTCC '99, DTM '02
Marcio Campos0.48811-4150.576 (2015)
Kevin Estre0.47983-191020.506 (2013)
Olivier Grouillard0.47415-2170.531 (1988)
Nick Tandy0.45839-3420.475 (2011)
Marco Wittmann0.454100-391390.810 (2013)DTM '14, '16
Sean Edwards0.451100-271270.550 (2012)
Alessandro Weiss0.44816-8240.457 (1995)
Albert Costa0.43815-1160.430 (2012)
Kieth O'Dor0.43544-14580.646 (1995)
Olimpio Alencar, Jr.0.42233-9420.666 (1982)SCB '82
Nick Yelloly0.42037-4410.617 (2017)
Peter Doulman0.40920-2220.091 (1994)
Laercio Justino0.40724-4280.554 (1995)
Frank Wrathall0.39522-6280.362 (2010)
Laurin Heinrich0.387116-171330.526 (2022)
Scott McLaughlin0.385209-552640.486 (2014)Supercars '18-'20
Nicki Thiim0.383148-562040.445 (2013)PS '13
Sven Muller0.380143-471900.441 (2016)PS '16
Ryan Briscoe0.3798-210
Sheldon van der Linde0.36664-521160.670 (2023)DTM '22
Adam Jones0.36415-2170.398 (2007)
Jean-Karl Vernay0.359105-341390.550 (2018)TCR-I '17
James Weaver0.35816-6220.423 (1989)
Roberto Ravaglia0.356162-602220.598 (1988)ETCC '86, WTCC '87, ETCC '88, DTM '89
Thierry Tassin0.35544-18620.450 (1995)
Philipp Eng0.354202-912930.558 (2019)PS '15
Matias Rossi0.346229-913200.472 (2019)
Chaz Mostert0.346284-893730.580 (2023)
Klaus Utz0.34212-0120.352 (1976)
Mirko Bortolotti0.34251-4550.403 (2023)
Maxime Martin0.33570-321020.511 (2022)
Jose Fernando Parra0.3334-6100.348 (1997)
Jonathan Aberdein0.33238-28660.348 (2020)
Rafael Daniel0.3317-3100.381 (2010)
Ashley Sutton0.330314-573710.429 (2020)BTCC '17, '20-'21
Ricardo Feller0.32913-15280.539 (2023)
John Bowe0.328270-893590.498 (1997)ATCC '95
Michael Ammermuller0.326458-1526100.421 (2015)PS '17-'19
Mikel Azcona0.325128-281560.565 (2022)WTCR '22
Marcos Ambrose0.323100-321320.492 (2004)Supercars '03-'04
Teddy Clairet0.31932-12440.459 (2019)
Tomas Kostka0.3189-2110.000 (2009)
Edgar Mello Filho0.3189-2110.000 (1979)
Spencer Marsh0.3189-2110.000 (2002)
Dennis Olsen0.318117-341510.439 (2017)
Stefano Comini0.31867-20870.595 (2017)TCR-I '15-'16
Antonio Garcia0.31324-12360.392 (2004)
Jan Seyffarth0.31344-19630.549 (2009)
Kelvin van der Linde0.31237-24610.397 (2021)
Wilson Fittipaldi, Jr.0.31228-5330.453 (1993)
Stefan Hodgetts0.31123-3260.317 (2013)
Timo Glock0.31091-971880.516 (2020)
Thomas Preining0.309102-381400.518 (2023)
Wolf Henzler0.30692-181100.530 (2001)PS '04
Gary Paffett0.306285-1464310.652 (2015)DTM '05, '18
Mattias Ekstrom0.301354-1745280.534 (2003)DTM '04, '07, ETCR '21
Riccardo Agostini0.30019-1200.300 (2015)
Joseph Kunz0.29910-1110.329 (2004)
Phil Glew0.29833-5380.386 (2009)
Gabriel Robe0.29813-7200.210 (2015)
Emanuele Pirro0.297202-772790.535 (2004)STC '96
Reinhardt Stenzel0.2959-3120.324 (1976)
Lukas Sundahl0.29516-0160.279 (2023)
Jorg Bergmeister0.29467-11780.365 (2001)PS '01
Alain Cudini0.294116-681840.574 (1986)
Kevin Ceccon0.29326-12380.525 (2018)
Vitor Baptista0.29325-11360.314 (2022)
Larry ten Voorde0.292407-314380.388 (2021)PS '20-'21
Antonio Felix da Costa0.29225-14390.310 (2014)
Tom Walkinshaw0.29271-18890.434 (1985)ETCC '84
Walter Spinelli0.29120-13330.570 (1980)
Jose Maria Lopez0.290150-832330.457 (2013)WTCC '14-'16
Klaus Ludwig0.289297-1224190.686 (1981)DRM '79, '81, DTM '88, '92, '94
Alex Riberas0.288121-681890.335 (2015)
Brian Robinson0.28710-0100.287 (1968)
Shane van Gisbergen0.285375-1985730.434 (2022)Supercars '16, '21-'22
Bruno Spengler0.285197-1393360.500 (2011)DTM '12
Ayhancan Guven0.28268-10780.385 (2019)
Martin Ragginger0.28223-9320.387 (2010)
Agustin Canapino0.282100-461460.531 (2013)
Leonel Pernia0.281170-782480.476 (2013)
Doug Whiteford0.28115-419
Dino Zamparelli0.27946-7530.326 (2018)
Dany Snobeck0.27837-35720.489 (1987)
Felipe Fraga0.27793-441370.434 (2022)SCB '16
Stefano Colombo0.27618-2200.276 (2015)
Paul Radisich0.273150-592090.707 (1993)TCWC '93-'94
Toine Hezemans0.27146-18640.454 (1978)ETCC '70, '73
Philip Ellis0.2707-6130.274 (2021)
Jeroen Bleekemolen0.267131-461770.415 (2009)PS '08-'09
Yann Ehrlacher0.267171-1062770.433 (2020)WTCR '20-'21
Gerhard Berger0.26714-6200.256 (1985)
Klaus Bachler0.26635-30650.367 (2014)
Alexandros Margaritis0.26518-11290.343 (2007)
John Smith0.26428-9370.467 (1987)
Pascal Wehrlein0.26390-661560.480 (2015)DTM '15
Helmut Kelleners0.26380-12920.317 (1980)ETCC '80-'82
John Roxburgh0.26312-315
Justin Mathews0.26228-9370.474 (1996)
Frederic Vervisch0.262140-722120.414 (2018)
Frank Stippler0.26162-20820.380 (2002)PS '03
Timo Bernhard0.26130-9390.425 (2001)
Julien Andlauer0.26188-251130.322 (2018)
Giuseppe Ciro0.26112-3150.335 (2007)
Johnny Cecotto0.261171-862570.607 (1998)STC '94, '98
Johan Kristoffersson0.261107-431500.463 (2017)
Garth Tander0.259409-2276360.577 (2010)Supercars '07
Walter Struckmann0.2579-2110.364 (1977)
Siegfried Kopcke0.25615-1160.214 (1976)
Jamie Whincup0.256389-2896780.488 (2008)Supercars '08-'09, '11-'14, '17
Manfred Winkelhock0.25621-8290.192 (1977)
Richard Goransson0.25438-16540.511 (2003)ETCC '05
Timo Scheider0.253194.5-128.53230.561 (2006)DTM '08-'09
Manfred Laub0.2518-2100.177 (1975)
Affonso Giaffone, Jr.0.25120-11310.432 (1981)SCB '81
Zezinho Muggiati0.24928-14420.251 (2022)
John Whitmore0.24833.5-6.5400.297 (1964)BSCC '61, ETCC '65
Mark Winterbottom0.247383-2616440.549 (2010)Supercars '15
Bernd Schneider0.246293-2064990.479 (2000)DTM '95, '00-'01, '03, '06
Esteban Guerrieri0.242125-842090.413 (2019)
Jamie Green0.242153-1302830.785 (2005)
Uwe Alzen0.241190-1022920.513 (1999)PS '94
Gabriele Tarquini0.241607-3079140.515 (2004)BTCC '94, ETCC '03, WTCC '09, WTCR '18
Reinaldo Campello0.2419-3120.243 (1982)
Earl Bamber0.23929-7360.290 (2014)PS '14
Yvan Muller0.239729-43211610.391 (1999)BTCC '03, WTCC '08, '10-'11, '13
Julian Santero0.23977-681450.398 (2021)
Christian Engelhart0.239154-431970.390 (2013)
Martin Brundle0.23812-4160.207 (1983)
Kuba Giermaziak0.23876-441200.485 (2010)
Paul di Resta0.237210-1673770.444 (2008)DTM '10
Thiago Camilo0.236157-562130.436 (2009)
Manuel Reuter0.236159-862450.448 (1996)ITCC '96
Norbert Michelisz0.235152-1012530.552 (2012)WTCR '19
Aurelien Comte0.23525-6310.313 (2018)
Lucas Auer0.235133-1142470.348 (2017)
Ralf-Dieter Schreiber0.23510-1110.234 (1981)
Rubens Barrichello0.234172-1012730.496 (2022)SCB '14, SCP '22
Dorian Boccolacci0.23363-6690.320 (2022)
Gianluca de Lorenzi0.23227-2290.245 (2000)
Rob Huff0.232385-2166010.426 (2022)WTCC '12
Santiago Urrutia0.23193-721650.327 (2019)
Bob Wollek0.23164-13770.343 (1983)DRM '82-'83
Norbert Siedler0.23050-44940.479 (2010)
Win Percy0.22898-341320.434 (1985)BSCC '80-'82
Liam Lawson0.2279-3120.192 (2021)
Norm Beechey0.22715-2170.207 (1970)ATCC '65, '70
Winfried Vogt0.22723-8310.402 (1986)ETCC '87
Tom Ingram0.225273-333060.289 (2022)BTCC '22
Joachim Winkelhock0.224165-1443090.467 (1997)BTCC '93, STC '95
Jon Dooley0.22322-8300.489 (1981)
Eddie Cheever0.2216-5110.159 (1977)
Joel Eriksson0.22037-56930.246 (2019)
Robert Wickens0.219103-781810.337 (2017)
Paolo Barilla0.2199-5140.257 (1987)
Eric van de Poele0.21752-41930.552 (1993)DTM '87
Matt Campbell0.21746-17630.268 (2017)
Tim Bridgman0.21739-7460.264 (2008)
Hans Heyer0.21592-301220.531 (1977)ETCC '74, DRM '75-'76, '80
Allan Moffat0.21538-10480.470 (1977)ATCC '73, '76-'77, '83
Sergio Jimenez0.21474-331070.346 (2014)
Damien Faulkner0.214106-201260.364 (2007)
Alexandre Premat0.21371-511220.533 (2017)
Roland Asch0.213169-902590.531 (1991)
Dan Cammish0.213249-1153640.461 (2020)
Edoardo Mortara0.212149.5-118.52680.363 (2016)
Bengt Ekberg0.2129-110
Fabrizio Giovanardi0.210377-1765530.466 (1999)ETCC '00-'02, BTCC '07-'08, ETCC '11
Bernard Unett0.21021-4250.209 (1975)BSCC '74, '76-'77
Nathanael Berthon0.210101-651660.245 (2022)
Marcos Gomes0.208131-782090.555 (2015)SCB '15
Alfred Renauer0.20810-6160.272 (2003)
Peter Dumbreck0.20749-49980.628 (2003)
Flavio Trindade0.20711-7180.235 (1999)
Andy Rouse0.207108-401480.352 (1981)BSCC '75, '83-'85
Mathieu Jaminet0.20721-1220.216 (2016)
Toshinori Takechi0.2066-4100.296 (1970)
Jake Hill0.205317-1234400.318 (2022)
Cameron Waters0.205352-1945460.402 (2021)
Rob Austin0.20476-22980.327 (2014)
Alexander Wurz0.20416-14300.206 (1996)
Christian Abt0.203133-1192520.474 (1998)STC '99
Pietro Rimbano0.20213-8210.156 (2017)
Mattia Drudi0.20154-4580.322 (2018)
David Leslie0.200101-441450.455 (2000)
Dave Newsham0.20089-261150.355 (2013)
Michael Choi0.2007-3100.100 (2015)
Marc Duez0.20025-31560.491 (1996)
Mike Parkes0.1996-5110.242 (1961)
Tim Harvey0.198235-903250.579 (2002)BTCC '92
Yves Deprez0.1986-4100.088 (1970)
Oliver Mathai0.19724-12360.322 (2000)
Ben Barker0.19679-331120.570 (2016)
Kurt Thiim0.194133-792120.368 (1992)DTM '86
Cesar Ramos0.19443-43860.405 (2019)
Jeffrey Schmidt0.193131-1212520.307 (2016)
Felix Porteiro0.19332-15470.300 (2009)
Felipe Giaffone0.193138-361740.455 (2013)
Tom Kristensen0.193101-951960.474 (2006)
Rickard Rydell0.192284-1784620.543 (1998)BTCC '98
Cameron McConville0.192151-772280.441 (2005)
Gordon Spice0.19242-19610.365 (1981)
Laurens Vanthoor0.1929-9180.151 (2022)
Kunimitsu Takahashi0.1927-512
Steve Soper0.191178-1122900.439 (1996)JTCC '95
Josh Cook0.191241-813220.466 (2016)
Leandro Totti0.19119-13320.483 (2014)
Jim Richards0.190141-692100.526 (1989)ATCC '85, '87, '90-'91
Mike Rockenfeller0.189156-972530.460 (2004)DTM '13
Frank Sytner0.18632-13450.299 (1988)BTCC '88
Klaus Niedzwiedz0.18696-501460.454 (1989)
Thomas Jager0.18660-431030.403 (2001)
Gabriel Casagrande0.18591-481390.500 (2017)SCP '21
Diego Bertonelli0.1857-4110.186 (2020)
John Cleland0.185115-571720.455 (1995)BTCC '89, '95
Danny Watts0.18433-10430.208 (2008)
Colin Turkington0.184534-2367700.353 (2009)BTCC '09, '14, '18-'19
Julio Campos0.184117-681850.542 (2016)
Altfrid Heger0.184116-721880.482 (1990)PS '93
Steven Kane0.18363-22850.226 (2010)
Yannick Dalmas0.18252-521040.323 (1994)
Jimmy Clairet0.18220-23430.273 (2020)
Marco Holzer0.1814-6100.182 (2008)
Alain Menu0.180282-2255070.536 (2003)BTCC '97, '00
Michael Epps0.17969-29980.242 (2017)
Robert Lechner0.17914-9230.269 (2002)
Frank Biela0.178127-701970.611 (1993)DTM '91, TCWC '95, BTCC '96
Rolf Stommelen0.17523-9320.499 (1977)DRM '77
Sascha Maassen0.17451-44950.315 (2010)
Franck Perera0.1748-7150.175 (2023)
Stephane Ortelli0.17472-421140.336 (2002)PS '02
Nicolas Armindo0.17355-30850.324 (2010)
Cor Euser0.1739-7160.175 (1993)
Robert Renauer0.17213-16290.279 (2004)
Vitor Genz0.17241-26670.403 (2017)
Luiz Bueno0.1719-8170.178 (1984)
Christijan Albers0.17046-40860.272 (2004)
Jaap van Lagen0.170173-592320.284 (2010)
Stefano Modena0.16746-20660.317 (1994)
Stefan Rosina0.16657-431000.313 (2009)
Mark Skaife0.166271-2144850.537 (1995)ATCC '92, '94, Supercars '00-'02
Marcos Gracia0.16618-19370.293 (1981)SCB '86
Jack Sears0.1658.5-10.5190.199 (1962)BTCC '58, '63
Thed Bjork0.165204-2014050.510 (2013)WTCC '17
Gilles Magnus0.16453-45980.228 (2022)
Nestor Girolami0.163131-1212520.462 (2015)
Maciej Stanco0.1635-510
Fredrik Ekblom0.16392-561480.761 (2010)
Dario Franchitti0.16326-28540.190 (1996)
Marvin Klein0.16248-10580.163 (2020)
Hironori Takeuchi0.16214-18320.227 (1997)
Marc Surer0.16213-8210.296 (1977)
Ananias Justino0.16214-11250.351 (1997)
Vitantonio Liuzzi0.16214-5190.284 (2012)
Marcel Fassler0.16178-951730.599 (2004)
Eric Helary0.16062-741360.539 (1995)
Patrick Huisman0.159125-681930.387 (2000)PS '97-'00
Craig Lowndes0.158428-4288560.586 (2006)ATCC '96, '98, Supercars '99
Marco Werner0.15837-23600.263 (1997)
Gustavo Frigotto0.15616-11270.279 (2018)
Gavin Pyper0.15527-7340.202 (2008)
Ruben Fontes0.15512-10220.332 (2007)
Tony Longhurst0.155218-863040.376 (1992)
Jaxon Evans0.15472-24960.220 (2021)
Vitor Meira0.15425-10350.379 (2014)
Nicola Larini0.153235-1914260.380 (1993)DTM '93
Loek Hartog0.152103-211240.179 (2023)
Rick Kelly0.152800-47612760.486 (2008)Supercars '06
Luis Perez-Sala0.15115-18330.246 (1996)
Aurelien Panis0.15063-591220.287 (2019)
James Sutton0.150144-421860.215 (2009)
Beto Giorgi0.1497-3100.148 (1992)
Rodrigo Sperafico0.14746-28740.244 (2007)
Steven Richards0.147274-2265000.656 (2015)
Raphael Matos0.14625-8330.250 (2015)
Jan Magnussen0.14627-24510.576 (1996)
Morris Schuring0.14597-611580.265 (2023)
Markus Winkelhock0.14416-13290.356 (2008)
Atila Abreu0.144131-712020.460 (2014)
Harry King0.14447-21680.288 (2020)
Esteban Tuero0.14410-8180.317 (1999)
Pedro Lamy0.14421-17380.235 (2003)
Mat Jackson0.143214-933070.378 (2014)
Felipe Guimaraes0.1428-6140.108 (2015)
Scott Pye0.140138-1432810.315 (2020)
Dieter Glemser0.14025-7320.162 (1974)ETCC '71, DRM '73-'74
Christian Fittipaldi0.14020-8280.155 (2010)
Alessandro Balzan0.14058-21790.321 (2007)
Luke Youlden0.14075-351100.494 (2015)
Peter Hills0.13935-11460.254 (1999)
Marc Lieb0.13929-27560.448 (2002)
Alessandro Ghiretti0.13912-3150.281 (2023)
Rory Butcher0.139210-622720.356 (2022)
Will Davison0.139219-1934120.562 (2020)
Felipe Maluhy0.13847-29760.306 (2010)
James Thompson0.138321-2585790.484 (1998)BTCC '02, '04, ETCC '09-'10
Florian Latorre0.13846-18640.228 (2020)
Martin Tomczyk0.138127-1632900.451 (2014)DTM '11
Michael Krumm0.13721-22430.262 (1996)
Alexander Grau0.13672-25970.568 (2000)
Godfrey Hall0.13519-1200.188 (1990)
David Wall0.13465-621270.289 (2018)
Jake Dennis0.13415-11260.138 (2019)
Tony Lanfranchi0.1348-311
Mike Bushell0.13483-371200.313 (2017)
Luiz Alberto Pereira0.13317-10270.251 (1986)
Fabian Coulthard0.133197-1933900.362 (2015)
Jason Plato0.133491-2857760.390 (2009)BTCC '01, '10
Regis Boessio0.1326-7130.405 (2011)
Phil Dowsett0.13211-2130.218 (1984)
Graeme Bowkett0.1314-6100.083 (1987)
Adam Smalley0.13116-2180.160 (2023)
Russell Ingall0.131335-2125470.360 (2009)Supercars '05
James Courtney0.131367-3497160.621 (2008)Supercars '10
Nick Percat0.130245-1293740.383 (2016)
Daniel Serra0.129124-1052290.333 (2017)SCB '17-'19
Max Coates0.12973-12850.258 (2016)
Robert Lukas0.128125-561810.356 (2017)
Gordon Shedden0.127207-1693760.369 (2014)BTCC '12, '15-'16
Emanuele Naspetti0.12781-471280.307 (1997)
Renger van der Zande0.12712-8200.176 (2011)
Juan Manuel Silva0.12766-741400.419 (2008)
Anthony Reid0.126103-982010.377 (2004)
Matteo Cairoli0.12549-26750.198 (2016)
Fabian Yannantuoni0.12478-711490.364 (2005)
Chris Hodgetts0.12324-3270.203 (1987)BSCC/BTCC '86-'87
Alex Zanardi0.12343-53960.222 (2018)
David Saelens0.12247-20670.372 (2006)
Greg Murphy0.120338-2515890.541 (2003)
Nelson Piquet, Jr.0.12046-40860.241 (2022)
Brad Jones0.119104-1312350.320 (1996)
Marco Micangeli0.11918-8260.293 (1982)
Nicky Catsburg0.11970-861560.297 (2016)
Andrea Belicchi0.11919-14330.158 (2015)
Jason Richards0.11988-811690.237 (2009)
John Fitzpatrick0.11949-35840.281 (1974)BSCC '66
Guilherme Salas0.118103-691720.281 (2020)
Paulo Gomes0.11872-16880.305 (1994)SCB '79, '83-'84, '95
Valdeno Brito0.11782-561380.426 (2012)
Kobe Pauwels0.11732-17490.118 (2023)
Augusto Farfus0.116158-1713290.366 (2012)
Jorg Hardt0.11520-12320.309 (2006)
Lance David Arnold0.11427-30570.313 (2006)
Hans-Joachim Stuck0.11372-481200.411 (1980)DRM '72, DTM '90
Marc Sourd0.11113-16290.512 (1992)
Richard Westbrook0.110151-371880.240 (2006)PS '06-'07
Giancarlo Fisichella0.10941-26670.131 (1996)
Alex Frassineti0.10929-12410.154 (2010)
Jiri Janak0.10828-21490.174 (2008)
Dylan Pereira0.108188-1333210.289 (2020)PS '22
Carl Breeze0.10877-341110.386 (2013)
Tom Blomqvist0.10830-46760.306 (2016)
Bob Holden0.10732-35670.429 (1994)
Julian Bailey0.10744-21650.229 (1994)
Connor de Phillippi0.10684-601440.212 (2014)
Maxime Potty0.10517-19360.165 (2017)
Leon Kohler0.10579-481270.171 (2021)
Heinz-Harald Frentzen0.10520-25450.161 (2005)
Shaun van der Linde0.10440-29690.263 (1996)
Jason Bargwanna0.104203-1994020.589 (2005)
Gabriel Ponce de Leon0.10350-621120.396 (2009)
Gareth Howell0.10349-28770.203 (2007)
Matt Allison0.10339-5440.164 (2007)
Rinaldo Capello0.10253-741270.633 (1996)
Diego Nunes0.102106-741800.433 (2015)
Zeca Giaffone0.09919-21400.311 (1982)SCB '87
Gabor Weber0.09917-12290.402 (2008)
Michael Christensen0.09822-15370.135 (2013)
Franz Engstler0.098173-422150.336 (2009)
Hoover Orsi0.09716-14300.148 (2008)
Lorcan Hanafin0.09753-17700.124 (2022)
Rudy van Buren0.09743-44870.099 (2022)
Oliver Gavin0.09624-29530.564 (2011)
Masanori Sekiya0.09640-29690.299 (1995)JTCC '94, '98
John McIntyre0.09519-19380.307 (2012)
Adam Morgan0.095130-942240.337 (2019)
Christian Mamerow0.09524-14380.359 (2008)
Chico Serra0.09487-381250.349 (2005)SCB '99-'01
Luciano Burti0.09460-401000.358 (2009)
Simone Iaquinta0.09350-8580.150 (2021)
Daniel la Rosa0.09314-6200.121 (2006)
Pietro Fittipaldi0.0935-13180.121 (2019)
Marc Hessel0.0928-10180.217 (1987)
Sebastien Loeb0.09240-681080.189 (2015)
Ma Qing Hua0.09266-1021680.263 (2022)
David Reynolds0.091193-1443370.467 (2018)
Peter Terting0.09168-821500.164 (2006)
Caca Bueno0.090223-2034260.507 (2009)SCB '06-'07, '09, '11-'12
Christopher Zochling0.09099-541530.333 (2017)
Wayne Wakefield0.08819-6250.077 (2004)
Niels Langeveld0.08633-39720.250 (2021)
Jason Bright0.086247-2124590.302 (2005)
Bastian Buus0.08621-20410.161 (2023)PS '23
Matt Neal0.086281-2985790.379 (2006)BTCC '05-'06, '11
Franz Konrad0.08511-5160.084 (1993)
Christophe Bouchut0.08534-2360.305 (1993)
Olaf Manthey0.08525-16410.185 (1993)
Felipe Baptista0.08539-34730.141 (2023)
Alain Ferte0.08318-32500.255 (1994)
Manfred Schurti0.08315-14290.193 (1977)
Michael Meadows0.083208-662740.143 (2012)
Ricardo Mauricio0.083132-1282600.375 (2007)SCB '08, '13, '20
Luis Villamil0.08343-25680.255 (1995)
Antonio Pizzonia0.08243-44870.304 (2010)
Christian Vietoris0.08259-851440.455 (2014)
Marco Cozzi0.08117-14310.105 (2013)
Charlie Eastwood0.08143-33760.112 (2017)
Pierre Kaffer0.08028-33610.346 (2002)
Marcel Tiemann0.07920-20400.258 (2001)
Michael Caruso0.079431-3778080.491 (2012)
Giacomo Altoe0.07820-16360.318 (2018)
Jochen Mass0.07823-13360.346 (1972)ETCC '72, DRM '85
Claudia Hurtgen0.0789-2110.192 (1996)
Pierre-Yves Corthals0.07710-8180.129 (2006)
Bernardo Llaver0.07748-921400.334 (2014)
Fabien Thuner0.07753-681210.098 (2013)
Neal Lowe0.0776-6120.297 (1986)
Michael Caine0.076103-711740.381 (2007)
Adrien Tambay0.07644-681120.360 (2022)ETCR '22
Pat Flanagan0.0766-4100.106 (2004)
Dennis Rogers0.0767-10170.366 (1989)
Steven Johnson0.076184-2274110.370 (2004)
Dick Johnson0.07572-1692410.542 (1989)ATCC '81-'82, '84, '88-'89
Diego Aventin0.07419-19380.198 (2008)
Tom Coronel0.074331-2345650.360 (2011)
Simon Wills0.07450-45950.342 (2003)
Thierry Boutsen0.07415-10250.125 (1995)
Tiago Monteiro0.074278-2995770.248 (2016)
Jean Alesi0.07366-901560.215 (2006)
Christian Passuti0.07217-0170.021 (2010)
Bobby Thompson0.072199-792780.156 (2022)
Allam Khodair0.072133-1312640.322 (2015)
Andre Heimgartner0.070304-1864900.271 (2020)
Andre Bragantini, Jr.0.07021-17380.454 (2012)
Dan Eaves0.07042-49910.344 (2003)
Jorg van Ommen0.070100-1142140.447 (1991)
Derek Warwick0.06919-27460.122 (1997)
Come Ledogar0.06820-3230.122 (2015)
James Moffat0.068277-2915680.193 (2013)
Alex Davison0.068110-1232330.594 (2003)
Max van Splunteren0.068114-671810.316 (2019)
Masami Katakura0.0684-7110.131 (1970)
Colin Bond0.06855-33880.328 (1970)ATCC '75
Markus Oestreich0.067101-711720.252 (1989)
Mariano Altuna0.06741-721130.546 (2006)
Matt Halliday0.06726-23490.470 (2010)
Gawaine Baillie0.0661-9100.000 (1958)
Ricardo Sperafico0.06524-19430.288 (2009)
Phil Bastiaans0.0656-9150.067 (1993)
Paul Rees0.06539-25640.099 (2014)
Luca Engstler0.06544-27710.310 (2017)
Stephane Lemeret0.0658-4120.017 (2016)
Martin Basso0.06334-45790.353 (2008)
Lee Holdsworth0.062217-2514680.369 (2008)
Mikkel Pedersen0.06267-15820.115 (2019)
Peter Brock0.062157-942510.440 (1989)ATCC '74, '78, '80
Rafael Suzuki0.06286-581440.310 (2018)
Vicente Orige0.06130-20500.121 (2017)
David Sigacev0.0615-8130.353 (2010)
Niklas Mackschin0.06123-2250.060 (2016)
Glenn Seton0.060161-1082690.301 (1998)ATCC '93, '97
Max Wilson0.060136-1502860.360 (2005)SCB '10
David Brabham0.06021-24450.357 (2010)
Juan Angel Rosso0.06053-39920.294 (2023)
Masahiro Hasemi0.05912-5170.058 (1994)JTCC '89, '91-'92
Aron Taylor-Smith0.059314-1714850.371 (2017)
Stefan Mucke0.05918-23410.144 (2004)
Gianluca Petecof0.05820-26460.109 (2023)
Joey Mawson0.05823-6290.077 (2019)
Robert Dahlgren0.05785-961810.305 (2010)
Jean-Michel Martin0.05718-23410.437 (1980)
Gaetano di Mauro0.05678-561340.128 (2022)
Zaid Ashkanani0.05676-421180.210 (2017)
Esteban Muth0.05613-11240.114 (2022)
Paul Dumbrell0.055187-1893760.596 (2013)
Tim Slade0.054121-1102310.229 (2016)
Andrew Jordan0.054199-1503490.191 (2019)BTCC '13
Eduardo Homem de Mello0.0549-13220.169 (1996)
Ingo Hoffmann0.05374-331070.199 (2008)SCB '80, '85, '89-'94, '96-'98, '02
Paulo Salustiano0.05367-491160.157 (2020)
Andy Yan0.05311-5160.162 (2016)
Jacques Laffite0.05360-981580.535 (1988)
Patrick Watts0.05232-21530.190 (1995)
Beto Monteiro0.05184-611450.281 (2013)
Fabricio Pezzini0.05141-14550.124 (2022)
Peter Kox0.05140-601000.401 (2001)
Allan Grice0.05116-723
Mika Hakkinen0.05022-49710.157 (2007)
Gianfranco Brancatelli0.04952-511030.340 (1985)ETCC '85
Daniel Juncadella0.04965-1011660.360 (2019)
Roberto Colciago0.04855-44990.246 (2001)
Jonathon Webb0.04759-461050.091 (2012)
Duncan Huisman0.04736-30660.267 (2003)
Armin Hahne0.04773-771500.353 (1996)
Frank Diefenbacher0.04716-17330.079 (2004)
Richard Longman0.04532-12440.276 (1982)BSCC '78-'79
Jean Xhenceval0.04519-12310.245 (1982)ETCC '76
Matias Milla0.04560-1041640.185 (2017)
Denis Navarro0.04582-961780.708 (2020)
Norman Simon0.0448-6140.396 (2002)
Filipe Albuquerque0.0448.5-14.5230.312 (2013)
Steve Owen0.04459-671260.243 (2014)
Hugo Valente0.04364-371010.191 (2014)
Marcelo Tedesco0.0437-5120.043 (1990)
Broc Feeney0.04323-46690.220 (2023)
Gianni Morbidelli0.043164-1112750.252 (2000)
Carlo Facetti0.04227-14410.126 (1977)ETCC '79
Zhendong Zhang0.04114-1428-0.023 (2020)
Aiden Moffat0.04073-771500.308 (2022)
Damian Fineschi0.03932-51830.364 (2016)
Todd Kelly0.038491-54110320.358 (2005)
Nico Rindlisbacher0.0388-4120.060 (2017)
Deon Joubert0.03733-39720.374 (1995)
Ivan Capelli0.03714-27410.439 (1993)
Sergio Hernandez0.03540-30700.185 (2009)
Alessandro Nannini0.03569-731420.197 (1996)
Alessandro Zampedri0.034111-1162270.216 (2004)PS '05
Franco Vivian0.03328-66940.541 (2016)
Rodolfo Avila0.03312-13250.316 (2020)
Jonny Adam0.03236-16520.221 (2005)
Kurt Konig0.03112-5170.021 (1993)
Gianluigi Picchi0.03117-6230.123 (1971)
Emilio Rodriguez Zapico0.0315-712
Felipe Massa0.03119-34530.351 (2023)
Drew Russell0.03146-18640.083 (2012)
Giuliano Losacco0.03147-30770.225 (2011)SCB '04-'05
Josh Webster0.030121-691900.133 (2015)
Dirk Muller0.03049-40890.173 (1998)
Fabien Giroix0.03018-51690.092 (1989)
Ignacio Montenegro0.03050-47970.078 (2022)
Johnny Herbert0.02934-20540.216 (2008)
Javier Villa0.02920-8280.030 (2011)
Bob Jane0.02913-9220.049 (1970)ATCC '62-'63, '71-'72
Carlos Alves0.02926-11370.192 (1995)
Klaus Graf0.02910-8180.065 (2004)
Peter Arundell0.0281-9100.097 (1966)
Duda Pamplona0.02824-29530.225 (2012)
Massimiliano Fantini0.02820-1535-0.016 (2010)
Nono Figueiredo0.02750-49990.617 (2010)
Will Hoy0.02762-701320.311 (1992)BTCC '91
Franco Girolami0.02754-35890.090 (2022)
Martino Finotto0.02712-8200.126 (1977)ETCC '79
Dale Brede0.02622-20420.433 (2003)
Fabio Carbone0.02513-1124-0.123 (2011)
Nico Muller0.02564-751390.173 (2019)
Stefano d'Aste0.02533-29620.126 (2006)
Kristian Poulsen0.02425-20450.234 (2011)
Walter Travaglini0.0247-5120.170 (1988)
Mehdi Bennani0.023122-1172390.208 (2018)
Oliver Jarvis0.02329-57860.338 (2008)
Alexander Burgstaller0.02334-721060.200 (1994)
Isaac Smith0.02211-4150.043 (2020)
Johan Stureson0.02129-33620.203 (2011)
Max Pigoli0.02158-29870.230 (2010)
Dean Canto0.02197-1062030.179 (2006)
Mike Verschuur0.02120-10300.390 (2009)
Clemens Schmid0.02044-971410.082 (2014)
Jean-Pierre Malcher0.0204-8120.062 (2000)PS '95
Keke Rosberg0.01926-38640.037 (1992)
Allan Simonsen0.01914-18320.209 (2011)
Matthew Payne0.0199-12210.020 (2023)
Ricardo Zonta0.018101-1012020.239 (2016)
David Russell0.017106-952010.317 (2012)
Sebastien Ogier0.0174-913-0.012 (2018)
Bernd Maylander0.01738-42800.242 (2002)
Nathan Pretty0.01617-1633-0.437 (2009)
Jack Goff0.015277-1764530.182 (2021)
Diego Azar0.01514-10240.301 (2023)
Walter Mertes0.0147-11180.091 (1987)
Tio Ellinas0.01467-471140.137 (2021)
Alex Soler-Roig0.0148-816-0.050 (1972)
Philippe Gache0.0134-6100.068 (1993)
Dieter Quester0.01376-901660.250 (1968)ETCC '68-'69, '77, '83
Dusan Borkovic0.01368-411090.198 (2016)
Daniel Welch0.01331-19500.164 (2014)
Anton de Pasquale0.01275-971720.347 (2021)
Mattias Andersson0.01119-23420.354 (2010)
Alexandre Rigon0.0119-11200.012 (1994)
James Golding0.01165-671320.148 (2019)
Rodrigo Pimenta0.0106-10160.386 (2013)
Loic Duval0.00920-42620.160 (2018)
Andy Priaulx0.00982-1131950.463 (2007)ETCC '04, WTCC '05-'07
Kelvin Burt0.00927-48750.315 (1995)
Christian Menzel0.00978-491270.188 (2005)
Roberto Amaral0.00811-4150.166 (1996)
Massimiliano Pedala0.00818-6240.191 (2009)
Hampus Ericsson0.00829-16450.151 (2022)
Maurizio Micangeli0.00812-12240.218 (1983)
Vito Postiglione0.00819-11300.074 (2011)
Enrico Bertaggia0.00718-13310.021 (2001)
Giovanni Venturini0.0076-12180.009 (2022)
Ashley Walsh0.00738-61990.509 (2016)
Chuck Nicholson0.00713-18310.101 (1984)
Fritz Kreutzpointner0.00536-54900.073 (1990)
Jordi Gene0.005239-3435820.413 (2004)
Chris Craft0.00511-21320.285 (1969)
Kazuyoshi Hoshino0.00311-10210.220 (1994)JTCC '90
Henric Skoog0.00279-551340.013 (2018)
Robin Hansson0.0027-7140.064 (2020)
Pierre Dieudonne0.00140-54940.491 (1981)ETCC '76
Enrique Bernoldi0.0019-11200.070 (2007)
Adam Lacko0.00032-43750.084 (2011)
Paul van Splunteren-0.00118-5230.059 (1991)
Tim Schenken-0.00111-18290.277 (1975)
Philippe Adams-0.00111-213-0.030 (1995)
Paul Rivett-0.00299-251240.200 (2018)
Jan Nilsson-0.00443-761190.459 (1998)
Walter Lechner, Jr.-0.0057-10170.006 (2003)
Drew Price-0.00515-20350.050 (1987)
Warren Luff-0.005135-772120.462 (2010)
James Nash-0.00599-691680.264 (2010)
Tom Chilton-0.006342-2996410.261 (2009)
Tiff Needell-0.0068-22300.168 (1994)
Des West-0.0076-410-0.118 (1969)
Lodovico Laurini-0.00712-8200.177 (2020)
Walter Dona-0.0086-511
Oscar Larrauri-0.0089-1221-0.002 (1998)
Alan Morrison-0.00823-24470.142 (2000)
Matheus Greipel-0.0088-11190.153 (2007)
Senna Proctor-0.00996-871830.215 (2020)
Stuart Oliver-0.00917-15320.015 (2011)
Giampiero Simoni-0.00910-17270.102 (1995)
Pieter Schothorst-0.00936-40760.144 (2013)
Ant Whorton-Eales-0.01048-45930.476 (2016)
Luca Rangoni-0.01024-19430.282 (2007)
Igor Walilko-0.01050-36860.049 (2018)
Dylan O'Keeffe-0.01131-41720.367 (2022)
Jack Le Brocq-0.011134-1462800.205 (2017)
Leo Eigner-0.01115-823-0.151 (1976)
Rob Kirby-0.01113-20330.152 (1984)
Jeroen Mul-0.01116-1733-0.007 (2013)
Todd Hazelwood-0.012127-832100.387 (2017)
Michel Nykjaer-0.01285-1081930.186 (2012)ETCC '07-'08
Allan McNish-0.0125-1419-0.010 (2005)
Daniel Rowbottom-0.01350-831330.067 (2021)
Tom Ferrier-0.01313-7200.026 (2005)
Satoshi Motoyama-0.01310-7170.281 (1997)
David Besnard-0.01441-691100.130 (2004)
Jacky Ickx-0.0155-712
Brian Reed-0.0156-612
George Fury-0.01620-26460.371 (1986)
Pepe Oriola-0.017132-1012330.254 (2017)
Giorgio Francia-0.01782-801620.249 (1992)
Luca Rettenbacher-0.01833-45780.161 (2019)
Adrian Campos-0.01821-26470.214 (1994)
Chris Cooper-0.01815-116-0.018 (2004)
Kris Nissen-0.01870-1041740.153 (1997)
Benjamin Leuchter-0.01820-4565-0.019 (2019)
Robin Frijns-0.01921-26470.111 (2018)
Bruno Staub-0.0198-715-0.018 (2002)
Tony Pond-0.0206-713-0.109 (1984)
Carlos Cunha-0.02017-1027-0.023 (1995)
Warren Hughes-0.02113-26390.032 (2003)
Masami Kageyama-0.02210-3130.000 (1995)
Alberto Cerqui-0.02256-36920.125 (2021)
Nicola Baldan-0.02341-29700.251 (2023)
Dean Fiore-0.023121-1152360.193 (2008)
Felipe Lapenna-0.02351-43940.480 (2018)
Roland Ratzenberger-0.0247-1118-0.079 (1987)
Dirk Werner-0.02417-27440.122 (2006)
Chris Smiley-0.02491-1031940.126 (2018)
Oscar Nogues-0.02424-20440.037 (2008)
John Rhodes-0.02428-14420.255 (1966)ETCC '68
Paul Morris-0.025186-1693550.434 (2000)
Martin Cao-0.0254-610-0.086 (2022)
Sophia Florsch-0.0266-1723-0.025 (2021)
Jorg Muller-0.02768-881560.130 (2006)
Petr Fulin-0.02723-4270.058 (2013)ETCC '13, '17
Eduardo Barrichello-0.02812-2234-0.003 (2023)
Ulrike Krafft-0.02815-4190.072 (2014)
Ricky Collard-0.02835-54890.162 (2023)
Patrick Long-0.0289-1221-0.028 (2003)
Rodrigo Baptista-0.02942-45870.131 (2021)
Joannis Likoroupoulos-0.0292-911-0.027 (1979)
Adam Macrow-0.0307-8150.224 (2005)
Craig Baird-0.03065-891540.515 (2013)
Luigi Ferrara-0.03119-11300.042 (2011)
Walter Corsi Filho-0.0318-5130.000 (1988)
Pedro Couceiro-0.03211-1728-0.014 (2001)
Euan Hankey-0.03266-341000.072 (2011)
Rob Collard-0.032222-2304520.182 (2009)
JJ Lehto-0.03229-39680.256 (1996)
Thomas Biagi-0.03355-461010.092 (2010)
Dorian Mansilla-0.03421-10310.000 (2020)
Dan Lloyd-0.035207-1463530.197 (2020)
Stefan Wendt-0.03511-1829-0.009 (2011)
Gianluca Giraudi-0.03615-14290.109 (2014)
Juan Manuel Fangio II-0.0364-7110.035 (1998)
Salvatore Tavano-0.03635-32670.313 (2002)
Shaun Watson-Smith-0.03713-1140.000 (2004)
Mat'o Homola-0.03761-581190.061 (2017)
Steven Palette-0.03825-1540-0.009 (2017)
Pedro Gomes-0.03814-1125-0.039 (2004)
Taz Douglas-0.03835-41760.264 (2014)
Darren Turner-0.03827-59860.228 (2001)
Sam Tordoff-0.040193-1823750.186 (2019)
Miguel Molina-0.04044-1171610.114 (2014)
Jens Edman-0.04114-17310.083 (2001)
Tommy Rustad-0.04147-50970.194 (2009)
Denis Dupont-0.04123-5881-0.029 (2018)
Jan Lammers-0.0425-1217-0.058 (1994)
Olivier Maximin-0.04221-11320.253 (2007)
Mathias Lauda-0.04227-43700.246 (2007)
Philipp Peter-0.04346-71117-0.003 (1997)
James Pickford-0.04320-2646-0.063 (2005)
Geoffroy Horion-0.04320-1939-0.090 (2005)
Toni Wolf-0.04338-26640.098 (2019)
Freddy Semoulin-0.0444-11150.018 (1969)
Luca Stolz-0.04424-9330.060 (2023)
Maro Engel-0.04555-971520.172 (2009)
Aaron Slight-0.0466-7130.119 (2002)
Sam Hancock-0.04633-22550.021 (2008)
Attila Tassi-0.04656-921480.211 (2022)
Cesar Campanico-0.04614-6200.030 (2006)
Jean-Louis Schlesser-0.04715-28430.232 (1987)
Maximilian Gotz-0.04733-47800.142 (2021)DTM '21
Thomas Randle-0.04786-1172030.267 (2020)
Fabio Sotto Mayor-0.04728-14420.000 (1988)SCB '88
Christian Danner-0.04780-881680.116 (1991)
Tom Onslow-Cole-0.048131-1322630.112 (2013)
Josh Files-0.04983-631460.284 (2013)
Stephen Jelley-0.049157-2163730.137 (2011)
Laurence Bristow-0.04919-35540.031 (1991)
Marchy Lee-0.04912-1224-0.048 (2008)
Helmut Doring-0.04914-7210.124 (1978)
Antonio Tamburini-0.04935-58930.224 (1990)
Tom Oliphant-0.05199-1682670.414 (2015)
Sebastiaan Bleekemolen-0.05143-40830.092 (2004)
Alceu Feldmann-0.05179-801590.322 (2007)
Aleksandr Lvov-0.05225-17420.000 (2008)
Ferdinand Habsburg-0.05228-2856-0.019 (2019)
Fabio Fogaca-0.05224-32560.356 (2021)
Marco Mapelli-0.05412-1224-0.054 (2011)
Chen Jian Hong-0.0555-611-0.055 (2016)
Paul O'Neill-0.05673-591320.000 (2001)
Eoin Murray-0.05714-10240.053 (2003)
Vince Woodman-0.05813-1427-0.001 (1971)
Rex Greenslade-0.0599-514
Raphael Reis-0.05925-54790.256 (2017)
Alex Rullo-0.05939-41800.083 (2017)
Davit Kajaia-0.06014-12260.010 (2016)ETCC '15
Mike Jordan-0.0615-813-0.061 (2008)
John Faulkner-0.06126-25510.244 (1999)
Lourenco Beirao da Veiga-0.06110-18280.007 (2016)
Walter Rohrl-0.0624-711-0.099 (1990)
Sean Johnston-0.06213-7689-0.011 (2013)
Michael Bartels-0.06255-991540.176 (2001)
Larry Perkins-0.063122-1712930.310 (1995)
Pedro Cardoso-0.06338-60980.108 (2022)
Fabrice Walfisch-0.06521-31520.091 (2007)
Jonathan Buncombe-0.0666-814
Owen Kelly-0.06648-531010.286 (2010)
Jack Perkins-0.066126-1352610.449 (2010)
Lucas di Grassi-0.0669-15240.111 (2018)
Marcel Coletta-0.0663-912-0.065 (2019)
Antti Buri-0.06730-42720.177 (2021)
Tony D'Alberto-0.06734-47810.164 (2022)
Kirill Ladygin-0.06871-581290.135 (2022)
Kevin Gleason-0.06828-32600.091 (2017)
Bruno Baptista-0.06932-47790.065 (2023)
Mark Proctor-0.07010-212-0.161 (2011)
Jeff Allam-0.07053-1061590.218 (1980)
Harald Grohs-0.07034-27610.475 (1984)
Walter Brun-0.07215-25400.016 (1983)
Frank Schmickler-0.07255-471020.059 (2001)
Gary Ayles-0.07222-40620.085 (1993)
Yves Olivier-0.0724-15190.014 (2002)
Ralf Schumacher-0.07221-911120.122 (2008)
Ralf-Werner Muller-0.07311-1526-0.071 (1988)
Alan Jones-0.07367-1001670.193 (1985)
Ryan Cullen-0.07359-130189-0.014 (2017)
Richard Williams-0.07445-40850.006 (2005)
Thiago Grison-0.0749-8170.167 (1989)
Patrick Simon-0.0757-512-0.017 (2001)
Danilo Dirani-0.0768-614
Valmir Benavides-0.07627-50770.301 (2012)
Alexander Fach-0.07632-3971-0.030 (2023)
Gustav Burton-0.07619-26450.006 (2019)
Lucas Foresti-0.07674-1412150.116 (2020)
Matthew White-0.07735-26610.011 (2004)
Loris Hezemans-0.0786-713-0.050 (2015)
Cyrille Sauvage-0.0785-11160.007 (2002)
Glenn van Parijs-0.07821-1334-0.107 (2018)
Giorgio Amati-0.08013-1730-0.031 (2023)
Patrick Hirsch-0.08010-6160.011 (2008)
Paul Keller-0.0818-816-0.097 (1974)
Gualter Salles-0.0833-811
Gustav Malja-0.08324-3761-0.037 (2018)
Galid Osman-0.08459-1452040.128 (2016)
Pontus Fredricsson-0.08519-28470.308 (2021)
Alessandro Giardelli-0.08513-1326-0.084 (2021)
Xandy Negrao-0.08634-19530.129 (1999)
Ollie Jackson-0.086193-2294220.300 (2017)
Truckie Parsons-0.0869-1726-0.100 (2001)
David Muffato-0.08740-59990.165 (2011)SCB '03
Michel Neugarten-0.08710-2030-0.020 (1993)
Benjamin Paque-0.0888-816-0.084 (2023)
Karl Wendlinger-0.08844-134178-0.043 (2002)
Angelo Lancelotti-0.08810-616-0.062 (2001)
Benjamin Lessennes-0.08910-21310.003 (2018)
Luke Hines-0.08938-711090.128 (2003)
Bryce Fullwood-0.090167-1643310.102 (2019)
Kiyoshi Misaki-0.09012-6180.000 (1989)
Kurt Kostecki-0.09043-37800.188 (2019)
Frank Jelinski-0.09111-2738-0.145 (1991)
Enzo Calderari-0.09214-34480.061 (1984)
Aku Pellinen-0.09216-1935-0.079 (2015)
Tim Blanchard-0.09252-1031550.029 (2013)
Luca Filippi-0.09310-30400.053 (2021)
Siegfried Muller, Jr.-0.09346-49950.317 (1980)
Alex Caffi-0.0937-1017-0.097 (1995)
Jack Mitchell-0.09447-40870.491 (2014)
Jonny Reid-0.09533-30630.088 (2011)
Steven Ellery-0.09645-5196-0.017 (1998)
Richard Lietz-0.09625-34590.083 (2006)
Pedro Boesel-0.09624-2751-0.018 (2015)
Peter Oberndorfer-0.09620-18380.153 (1985)
Mitchell Cheah-0.0969-11200.072 (2019)
Bob Morris-0.0974-610ATCC '79
Alberto Valerio-0.0974-812-0.125 (2017)
Tim Bergmeister-0.09732-49810.028 (2004)
Renato Braga-0.0974-913
Tuka Rocha-0.09827-43700.023 (2014)
Spartaco Dini-0.09817-2037-0.176 (1973)ETCC '69
Fredy Barth-0.09848-781260.296 (2012)
Andrew Jones-0.09992-1352270.321 (2011)
Patrick Eisemann-0.10023-1841-0.068 (2016)
Aguri Suzuki-0.1004-913-0.154 (1994)JTCC '86
Alexandre Negrao-0.1019-1928-0.019 (2010)
Phil Bennett-0.10115-5267-0.014 (2003)
Ezequiel Bosio-0.1017-1926-0.186 (2008)
Wayne Gardner-0.10242-42840.016 (1994)
Tom Wrigley-0.10219-1231-0.102 (2018)
Shogo Kobayashi-0.1037-310-0.103 (1995)
Greg Ritter-0.10330-57870.160 (2013)
Tom Boardman-0.10452-601120.500 (2011)
Garry Jacobson-0.104123-1612840.220 (2021)
Shane Price-0.10433-44770.207 (2006)
Axel Plankenhorn-0.1055-1116-0.103 (1979)
Volker Strycek-0.1067-1421-0.028 (1986)DPM '84
Karsten Ruhrmann-0.1075-510-0.138 (1977)
Ian Geoghegan-0.1077-815-0.073 (1967)ATCC '64, '66-'69
Jukka Honkavuori-0.10729-2251-0.033 (2020)
Pablo Sanchez Lopez-0.1087-613-0.085 (2016)
Antonio Jorge Neto-0.10832-36680.094 (2005)
Marius Nakken-0.10942-37790.121 (2020)
Edgar Doren-0.11021-1031-0.068 (1979)
Ferenc Ficza-0.11018-8260.073 (2016)
Hunter Abbott-0.11018-3654-0.080 (2016)
Thiago Marques-0.11123-50730.394 (2006)
Charlie Frijns-0.1115-1722-0.147 (2015)
George Gamble-0.11269-551240.033 (2018)
Brodie Kostecki-0.11375-621370.240 (2020)
Dale Wood-0.113125-1853100.391 (2021)
Jurgen Kannacher-0.1137-1219-0.111 (1981)
Keagan Masters-0.1137-613-0.113 (2023)
David Coulthard-0.1138-14220.319 (2012)
Alex Albon-0.1142-810-0.073 (2021)
Carlos Augusto Falletti-0.11429-42710.017 (1996)
Bia Figueiredo-0.11429-6594-0.012 (2014)
Alex MacDowall-0.11451-741250.212 (2009)
Richie Stanaway-0.11529-1001290.239 (2017)
Daniel Haglof-0.11519-5170-0.002 (2019)
Fabio Santaniello-0.1166-814-0.115 (2000)
Paolo Ruberti-0.11611-1021-0.114 (2001)
Fabrizio de Simone-0.11716-40560.073 (1998)
Eric Cayrolle-0.11718-20380.083 (2002)
Djalma Fogaca-0.11812-1527-0.336 (2018)
Tarso Marques-0.1185-1419-0.195 (2007)
Popo Bueno-0.11944-781220.194 (2004)
Lewis Brown-0.11920-25450.029 (2022)
David Sears-0.1206-1016-0.337 (1984)
Danny Buxton-0.12111-617-0.121 (2003)
Jason Watt-0.1215-1419-0.107 (1996)
Ronan Pearson-0.12252-511030.151 (2022)
Geoff Brabham-0.12234-42760.001 (1997)
Justin Bell-0.1244-1216-0.041 (1995)
Huub van Eijndhoven-0.12455-77132-0.116 (2023)
Ricardo Perez-0.12523-7300.000 (2012)
Leanne Tander-0.1255-1621-0.173 (2019)
Ralf Kelleners-0.1265-813-0.117 (1991)
Ellen Lohr-0.12644-1792230.022 (1995)
Marc Basseng-0.12719-2948-0.087 (2013)
Brian Foley-0.1284-610
Marcel Kesseler-0.12814-3170.049 (2004)
Herve Regout-0.1294-610-0.254 (1974)
Gavin Smith-0.12920-7090-0.098 (2006)
Markus Pommer-0.1304-2125-0.129 (2013)
Salman Al Khalifa-0.1325-813-0.171 (2010)
Viktor Shapovalov-0.1329-1625-0.059 (2007)
Tom Sharp-0.13315-6210.000 (2018)
Dexter Patterson-0.13364-52116-0.087 (2023)
Peter Kuhlmann-0.1346-410
Karl Reindler-0.13440-791190.080 (2013)
Will Langhorne-0.13420-40600.115 (2008)
Claudio Ricci-0.1343-710-0.150 (2010)
Sam Power-0.13413-1326-0.082 (2015)
Volkert Merl-0.1355-2025-0.039 (1979)
Robb Gravett-0.13525-32570.066 (1989)BTCC '90
Fabio Carreira-0.1356-1218-0.286 (2007)
Adalberto Jardim-0.13525-36610.164 (1997)
Leo Geoghegan-0.1357-1219
Steve Robertson-0.1371-1011-0.136 (1996)
Edvin Hellsten-0.13710-1626-0.136 (2022)
Vladimir Sheshenin-0.13834-36700.031 (2018)
Luke Davenport-0.13812-2436-0.096 (2017)
Alexander Toril-0.1396-2834-0.137 (2015)
Roberto Merhi-0.1397.5-22.530-0.133 (2012)
Eduardo Leite-0.1398-1119-0.065 (2012)
Dieter Basche-0.13910-919-0.404 (1968)
Charles Ng-0.13914-23370.038 (2013)
James Kaye-0.14051-43940.000 (1994)
Diego Puyo-0.14137-2764-0.080 (2009)
Danny Kroes-0.1412-1113-0.140 (2018)
Daniel Nagy-0.14226-4470-0.030 (2017)
Will Burns-0.14211-4152-0.142 (2015)
Juliano Moro-0.1429-1322-0.119 (2008)
Philipp Frommenwiler-0.14311-6374-0.026 (2011)
Nicolas Baert-0.14411-2738-0.066 (2021)
Jordi Oriola-0.1449-1524-0.073 (2015)
Lorenzo Veglia-0.14517-24410.218 (2014)
Mike Conway-0.1464-9130.000 (1991)
Charlie Butler-Henderson-0.14725-21460.002 (2016)
Patrick Neve-0.1476-713-0.511 (1984)
Jordan Love-0.14723-32550.005 (2020)
Philip Morin-0.14825-3762-0.054 (2016)
Charles Sawyer-Hoare-0.1482-810-0.293 (1981)
Jean-Baptiste Simmenauer-0.14837-115152-0.059 (2021)
Benjamin Leuenberger-0.1494-1317-0.147 (2002)
Dasheng Zhang-0.1497-1825-0.149 (2015)
Gianmarco Quaresmini-0.14947-45920.035 (2022)
Ash Hand-0.14944-49930.085 (2015)
Hugo Nerman-0.1491-1011-0.148 (2018)
Sylvain Pussier-0.1503-2427-0.042 (2023)
Glynn Geddie-0.15188-84172-0.110 (2020)
Peter Scharmach-0.1516-1117
Neil Crompton-0.15169-121190-0.031 (1999)
Richard Lyons-0.1512-1416
Alan Gurr-0.15114-28420.189 (2004)
Duarte Felix da Costa-0.15210-1323-0.061 (2008)
Mats Karlsson-0.1525-914-0.234 (2019)
James Hanson-0.1533-1114-0.208 (2002)
Nanni Galli-0.1544-6100.003 (1970)
Peggen Andersson-0.15412-1931-0.087 (1998)
Pete Lovett-0.15513-2942-0.002 (1983)
Pedro Petiz-0.1558-1119-0.154 (2008)
Chris Pither-0.15650-921420.416 (2018)
Roger Moen-0.1579-716-0.157 (2001)
Thomas Langer-0.1579-312-0.156 (2013)
Ewan Taylor-0.1576-1016-0.147 (2019)
Rolf Rummel-0.1585-712
Lico Kaesemodel-0.15810-33430.022 (2012)
Dieter Gartmann-0.1583-811-0.170 (1978)
Rafael Seibel-0.1583-710-0.159 (1997)
Benji Hetherington-0.15940-4080-0.159 (2011)
Bernhard ten Brinke-0.15912-27390.086 (2007)
Felipe Gama-0.15912-2436-0.017 (2012)
Alessio Deledda-0.1591-2425-0.075 (2022)
Grant Supaphongs-0.1603-811-0.160 (2016)
Daniel Gaunt-0.16019-3049-0.162 (2009)
Marco Seefried-0.1609-2332-0.148 (2002)
Ian Curley-0.16112-1729-0.103 (2004)
Daniele di Amato-0.1616-1319-0.141 (2017)
Berkay Besler-0.16111-1829-0.032 (2019)
Alan Curnow-0.16114-25390.089 (1983)
Tomas Mezera-0.16123-53760.113 (1993)
Felix Wimmer-0.1621-1112-0.154 (2014)
Jean-Francois Hemroulle-0.16211-516-0.070 (1997)
Enrico Bettera-0.16210-3242-0.120 (2018)
Oliver Webb-0.1634-711-0.161 (2021)
Johnny Hauser-0.1634-1216-0.120 (1995)
Darren Hossack-0.16410-1525-0.121 (1998)
Carl Boardley-0.16450-93143-0.070 (2019)
Camilo Echevarria-0.1646-915-0.253 (2017)
Aaron Mason-0.16421-3152-0.122 (2022)
George Webel-0.1658-311-0.111 (1996)
Jose Bel Camilo-0.1659-25340.037 (1996)
Lella Lombardi-0.1664-711-0.438 (1982)
Ahmad Al Harthy-0.16693-101194-0.093 (2012)
Jochen Habets-0.16614-2135-0.142 (2014)
John French-0.1674-1115-0.285 (1971)
Bence Boldizs-0.16714-4054-0.042 (2020)
Dominik Farnbacher-0.16713-23360.000 (2005)
Angelo Giombelli-0.1683-710-0.209 (1988)SCB '91-'93
John Bintcliffe-0.1689-5867-0.011 (1998)
Eddy Joosen-0.16818-4765-0.066 (1984)
Bas Schothorst-0.16929-33620.069 (2010)
Juan Manuel Casella-0.17036-3571-0.054 (2023)
Tony Kanaan-0.17015-5368-0.153 (2021)
Ariel Levi-0.17114-57710.033 (2023)
Brian Sampson-0.1716-1016
Louise Aitken-walker-0.1716-1016-0.170 (1989)
Jesse van Kuijk-0.17170-128198-0.052 (2022)
Siso Cunill-0.1714-2327-0.208 (2009)
Steve Masterton-0.1717-916-0.385 (1981)
Al Faisal Al Zubair-0.17242-125167-0.092 (2019)
Shae Davies-0.17360-85145-0.050 (2016)
Gary Deane-0.1737-2229-0.116 (2006)
Serafin, Jr.-0.1743-912-0.221 (2012)
Khaled Al Qubaisi-0.1740-3232-0.141 (2011)
Philip Hamprecht-0.1745-1520-0.174 (2018)
Vincent Radermecker-0.17412-5365-0.106 (2000)
Wolfgang Triller-0.17437-74111-0.136 (2016)
Ian Flux-0.1764-711-0.477 (1990)
Dieter Selzer-0.1768-513-0.177 (1981)
Moritz Sager-0.1769-716-0.044 (2021)
Michael Patrizi-0.17744-66110-0.079 (2013)
Richard Muscat-0.17814-30440.360 (2019)
Jochen Land-0.1786-814-0.097 (2001)
Paul Nelson-0.1791-1314-0.238 (1995)
Matt Simpson-0.17924-811050.008 (2018)
Kantadhee Kusiri-0.1795-1520-0.229 (2019)
Clemens Schickentanz-0.18012-20320.000 (1974)
Richy Muller-0.1811-1011-0.222 (2016)
Fred Gibson-0.1818-1321
Alex Portman-0.1824-913-0.159 (1993)
Jim McKeown-0.1826-10160.131 (1970)
Danny Pfeil-0.18217-2643-0.181 (1997)
Rudiger Schmitt-0.1835-914-0.322 (1989)
Ant Pedersen-0.18429-53820.017 (2010)
Oliver Freymuth-0.1846-713-0.279 (2006)
Brian Muir-0.1846-612-0.181 (1964)
Marc Benz-0.1852-1214-0.092 (2006)
Kurt Wimmer-0.1867-613-0.267 (2004)
Andrew Thompson-0.18612-2335-0.044 (2010)
Chris Swanwick-0.1868-2634-0.045 (2009)
Mikhail Mityaev-0.18725-3762-0.030 (2020)
Sam Osborne-0.18797-235332-0.110 (2020)
Sandro Sardelli-0.18712-1224-0.065 (1998)
Joey Hand-0.1884-1721-0.098 (2014)
Michael de Quesada-0.18810-2333-0.188 (2018)
Fausto Bessa-0.18814-2135-0.068 (1996)
Jannes Fittje-0.1882-911-0.188 (2019)
Maik Heupel-0.1893-710-0.158 (2002)
Gregg Hansford-0.1894-1014
Sidney Alves-0.18913-7200.000 (1979)
Guy Edwards-0.1908-2533-0.128 (1988)
Beate Nodes-0.1901-1516-0.080 (1987)
Andreas Mayerl-0.1903-4649-0.105 (2012)
Fausto Camacho-0.1905-813-0.196 (1997)
Tony Dron-0.1916-1117-0.129 (1974)
Jorge Lorenzo-0.1915-712-0.191 (2023)
Pierre Piron-0.1918-614-0.222 (2015)
Enzo Elias-0.1913-710-0.227 (2023)
Akira Iida-0.1929-817-0.194 (1994)
Greg Crick-0.19215-722-0.133 (2002)
Gabriel Chinica-0.1933-710-0.189 (1996)
Alan Hellmeister-0.1934-913
Will Brown-0.19355-911460.041 (2019)
Felipe Tozzo-0.1947-1825-0.078 (2014)
Mario Covas Neto-0.1957-2027-0.072 (1995)
Jayden Ojeda-0.19515-2237-0.048 (2021)
Tobias Johansson-0.1952-1214-0.194 (2003)
Norberto Gresse-0.1966-1117-0.418 (2010)
Will Bratt-0.1962-1820-0.129 (2012)
Raphael Abbate-0.19611-43540.054 (2015)
Thomas Messer-0.19612-1426-0.107 (2005)
Ulf Granberg-0.1973-811-0.271 (1986)
Thomas Winkelhock-0.1974-2226-0.245 (1990)
Marc Hynes-0.1992-1113-0.155 (2007)
Kenneth Lau-0.2003-7100.100 (2019)
Simona de Silvestro-0.20062-201263-0.076 (2019)
Stefano Gabellini-0.20133-63960.054 (2000)
Matthew Coleman-0.2014-1923-0.181 (1999)
Craig Harris-0.20111-10210.000 (2001)
Jack Clarke-0.2017-5057-0.201 (2014)
Marco Vanoli-0.2027-3239-0.126 (1983)
James Gornall-0.20210-2535-0.137 (2020)
Ruben Volt-0.2028-412-0.420 (2021)
Chris Bauer-0.20223-63860.000 (2017)
Ryo Michigami-0.2029-2332-0.161 (2017)
Mikhail Grachev-0.20227-4269-0.070 (2015)
Kris Richard-0.20221-1940-0.059 (2016)ETCC '16
Paul Weel-0.20215-5469-0.193 (2003)
Albrecht Krebs-0.2034-1014-0.208 (1974)
Dean Wanless-0.2036-10160.223 (2006)
Danielli Molinari-0.2033-912-0.183 (1997)
Rolf Ineichen-0.20413-8093-0.033 (2022)
Timo Rumpfkeil-0.2055-510-0.195 (2001)
Denny Hulme-0.2054-1519-0.195 (1986)
Michele Bartyan-0.2068-1725-0.204 (2004)
Tim Buijs-0.2064-913-0.205 (2008)
Andrew Miedecke-0.20614-15290.243 (1988)
Terry Shiel-0.2062-911-0.486 (1986)
Lewis Plato-0.20627-7299-0.068 (2017)
Alan Blencowe-0.20631-4071-0.025 (2006)
Michel Jourdain, Jr.-0.20610-5262-0.205 (2007)
Cees Siewertsen-0.2062-911-0.166 (1975)
John Colwell-0.2072-810
Nicole Luttecke-0.2082-1921-0.182 (2001)
Sean Walker-0.20913-922-0.078 (1992)
Roar Lindland-0.20967-159226-0.039 (2013)
Mark Noske-0.2096-2632-0.046 (1999)
John Filippi-0.21060-132192-0.059 (2021)
Richard Plant-0.21044-61105-0.206 (2011)
Bill Barazetti-0.2110-2929-0.213 (2012)
Gustavo Lima-0.21110-4757-0.040 (2018)
David Cebrian-0.2126-511-0.260 (2015)
Brenton Grove-0.21212-12240.020 (2017)
Stig Amthor-0.2149-3039-0.182 (1994)
Ni Amorim-0.2156-2834-0.042 (1996)
Sam Walter-0.21510-27370.038 (2013)
Ben Bargwanna-0.2152-911-0.214 (2021)
Harrison Newey-0.21612-1527-0.213 (2020)
Susie Wolff-0.21618.5-64.5830.003 (2011)
Macauley Jones-0.216142-1983400.051 (2017)
Tomas Pivoda-0.2173-2528-0.216 (2012)
Hartwig Bertrams-0.2175-813-0.321 (1975)
Fabio Francia-0.2174-610-0.216 (2003)
David Pinkney-0.2189-2231-0.200 (2007)
Simon Harrison-0.21915-19340.000 (2004)
Simon Belcher-0.2202-3436-0.213 (2015)
Richard Heistand-0.22120-2444-0.220 (2018)
Mikael Karlsson-0.2212-1820-0.216 (2023)
Ray Bellm-0.2215-22270.163 (1993)
Norbert Nagy-0.22118-1432-0.019 (2017)
Renato Martins-0.22232-92124-0.012 (1984)
Philip Beyrer-0.22219-26450.009 (2005)
Stefan Johansson-0.22311-2334-0.215 (2008)
Harri Jones-0.2232-1012-0.223 (2023)
Neville Crichton-0.2235-2833-0.198 (1985)
Dieter Schornstein-0.2243-1013-0.222 (1978)
Guga Ribas-0.22411-20310.312 (1995)
Masahiko Kageyama-0.2248-18260.112 (1996)JTCC '93
Jason Templeman-0.22417-3855-0.182 (2004)
Harald Becker-0.2257-1320-0.259 (1989)
Aloysio Andrade Filho-0.2255-1015-0.187 (1997)
Daniel Harper-0.22514-1832-0.254 (2018)
John Harvey-0.22514-38520.146 (1977)
Hubert Haupt-0.2287-29360.065 (2001)
Brett Smith-0.22826-40660.168 (2016)
Otto Rensing-0.2283-1518-0.177 (1986)
Declan Fraser-0.22926-6490-0.169 (2022)
Carlos Rivas-0.22927-4875-0.138 (2021)
Vincenzo Cazzago-0.2295-1116-0.080 (1972)
David Schumacher-0.2293-1619-0.065 (2023)
Aaren Russell-0.22937-83120-0.090 (2018)
Rick Kraemer-0.22912-3042-0.229 (2001)
Peter Manton-0.2306-1622-0.422 (1970)
Hannes Neuhauser-0.2316-612-0.106 (2006)
Ron Dickson-0.2326-1218-0.262 (1986)
Lucas Groeneveld-0.23358-148206-0.196 (2022)
Barrie Williams-0.2339-1120-0.224 (1976)
Andreas Backman-0.23456-57113-0.014 (2020)
Andres Jakos-0.2342-1012
Jean-Christophe Boullion-0.2342-1315-0.234 (1999)
Vanina Ickx-0.2342-1012-0.223 (2006)
Arthur Forster-0.23426-22480.042 (2006)
Steve Neal-0.2343-1417-0.086 (1969)
Raul Boesel-0.2346-12180.128 (2004)
James Cole-0.23745-151196-0.053 (2017)
Mark Larkham-0.2374-1721-0.226 (2003)
Michael Rossi-0.23925-1944-0.120 (2010)
Jose Fernandez-0.23913-2841-0.097 (2007)
Mikhail Kozlovskiy-0.2414-3943-0.164 (2014)
Ollie Pidgley-0.2427-3037-0.133 (2017)
Alex Hui-0.2437-613-0.326 (2017)
Ghislain Cordeel-0.24321-5172-0.203 (2022)
Anders Olofsson-0.2443-1114-0.240 (1986)
Andrew Watson-0.24417-2946-0.244 (2023)
Jose Manuel Sapag-0.24534-73107-0.076 (2019)
Siniso Koustic-0.2455-2328-0.209 (2001)
Cameron McLean-0.2468-2230-0.201 (2004)
John Handley-0.24613-2235-0.052 (1969)ETCC '68
Peter Hennige-0.2462-1719-0.253 (1976)
Bernd Brutschin-0.2461-1112-0.245 (1980)
Angelo Proietti-0.24717-2340-0.061 (2010)
Pepe Massot-0.2472-2022-0.117 (2015)
Thomas Betzler-0.2473-710-0.231 (1975)
Nick Whale-0.2487-1421-0.234 (1990)
Marc Carol-0.2483-13160.177 (2005)
Julian Hanses-0.2498-27350.177 (2021)
Robert van den Berg-0.2506-9150.000 (2006)
Jim Edwards, Jr.-0.25020-1939-0.056 (2007)
Emmet O'Brien-0.2516-1218-0.150 (2006)
Lucas Guerrero-0.2515-1419-0.250 (2008)
Esteban Gini-0.2516-1117-0.235 (2017)
Hannes Plesse-0.2525-2227-0.283 (2010)
Julien Vernaeve-0.2521-1112-0.288 (1970)
Steve Reed-0.25315-1833-0.227 (2000)
Josh Price-0.25416-8096-0.229 (2017)
Katherine Legge-0.2551-2122-0.268 (2009)
Romana Bernardoni-0.2554-6670-0.198 (2001)
Dev Gore-0.2554-1418-0.253 (2021)
Darryl O'Young-0.25632-42740.029 (2012)
Rahel Frey-0.2561.5-26.528-0.194 (2012)
Nikolay Karamyshev-0.25620-1636-0.204 (2017)ETCC '14
Michael Crees-0.25643-102145-0.120 (2022)
Tamara Vidali-0.25621-129150-0.111 (1997)
Josh Stanton-0.2578-1927-0.244 (2023)
Mikey Doble-0.25816-3046-0.258 (2023)
Khalid Al Wahaibi-0.2586-2935-0.258 (2018)
Daan van Kuijk-0.25946-138184-0.189 (2021)
Thierry Vermeulen-0.2614-812-0.260 (2023)
Heinrich Weiss-0.2622-2022-0.259 (1988)
Marco Bromberger-0.26213-4659-0.165 (1998)
Phil Quaife-0.26318-6078-0.234 (2006)
Patryk Szczerbinski-0.2630-1616-0.262 (2013)
Piotr Parys-0.2642-1012-0.263 (2017)
Mark Adderton-0.2648-15230.000 (1998)
Stephane Denoual-0.26417-4057-0.131 (2021)
Florian Gruber-0.2641-1819-0.259 (2007)
Richard Goddard-0.2650-2525-0.264 (2015)
Zak Best-0.26610-26360.433 (2023)
Maximilian Werndl-0.2661-2930-0.265 (2015)
William Starostik-0.2673-1114-0.274 (2008)
Marco Butti-0.2677-2229-0.273 (2022)
Florian Scholze-0.26810-5262-0.095 (2011)
Chris James-0.2682-1517-0.229 (2012)
Bruce Stewart-0.2688-1220
Mauri Zaccarelli-0.2685-1116-0.239 (2015)
Michela Cerruti-0.2709-34430.059 (2015)
Nigel Rice-0.27137-106143-0.164 (2004)
Oliver Mayer-0.27125-2045-0.091 (1999)
Andrey Romanov-0.2717-2633-0.243 (2008)
Frederick Balbi-0.27111-2132-0.206 (2023)
Damian Assaillit-0.27412-2234-0.139 (2007)
Tony Ricciardello-0.27416-7692-0.063 (2006)
Nicolas Misslin-0.27413-5467-0.137 (2019)
Aaron Love-0.2757-1421-0.269 (2022)
Will Aspin-0.2753-1417-0.369 (2023)
Brad Lowe-0.2759-1827-0.234 (2009)
Marc Gindorf-0.2759-44530.000 (1995)
Georges Bosshard-0.2765-1924-0.130 (1985)
Stirling Moss-0.2761-1011-0.062 (1981)
Jake Kostecki-0.27649-127176-0.161 (2022)
Martin Depper-0.27660-100160-0.068 (2010)
Magnus Ohman-0.2764-1822-0.215 (2020)
Egidio Perfetti-0.2765-2227-0.325 (2017)
Tim Sugden-0.2767-4350-0.075 (1992)
Adalberto Baptista-0.27710-3949-0.100 (2023)
Sunny Wong-0.2777-1421-0.138 (2017)
Peter McKay-0.2774-711
Bobby Verdon-Roe-0.2782-1113-0.240 (1993)
Rodney Forbes-0.27819-106125-0.159 (2003)
Ariel Pacho-0.2783-1619-0.241 (2008)
Mark Warnecke-0.2792-2224-0.108 (2004)
Andrea Larini-0.27912-4153-0.234 (2009)
Carl Rosenblad-0.2798-1927-0.291 (1999)
Klaus Abbelen-0.2791-1213-0.246 (2005)
Diego Romanini-0.2808-1119-0.209 (2006)
Jacques Villeneuve-0.2806-2329-0.098 (2008)
Tim Coronel-0.28212-1628-0.227 (2009)
Sergey Afanasyev-0.28218-5068-0.277 (2015)
Paul Smith-0.2820-1414-0.189 (2010)
Yolanda Surer-0.2825-4348-0.251 (1996)
Alessandro Bonacini-0.28310-5262-0.236 (2011)
Rob Smith-0.28345-671120.122 (2018)
Warren Scott-0.28415-108123-0.217 (2015)
Rodrigo Navarro-0.2841-1213-0.362 (2010)
Christofer Berckhan Ramirez-0.2853-2427-0.284 (2014)
Aleksey Dudukalo-0.28739-106145-0.192 (2012)
Henry Ho-0.2878-1220-0.353 (2013)
Bernhard Dransmann-0.2887-2431-0.207 (1977)
Geoff Full-0.28913-2942-0.174 (1996)
Fabio Scherer-0.28911-2536-0.259 (2020)
Christian Hahn-0.2903-2124-0.288 (2021)
Philippe Haezebrouck-0.2902-810
Amato Ferrari-0.2903-2225-0.313 (1994)
Grant Denyer-0.29110-3444-0.238 (2007)
Gerhard Fetzer-0.2934-711
Nick Foster-0.29333-141174-0.175 (2015)
Ralf Waldmann-0.2942-911-0.292 (2001)
Tony Hughes-0.2943-1316-0.105 (2012)
Bruno Eichmann-0.2957-1421-0.107 (1986)
Tyler Everingham-0.29618-29470.165 (2023)
Fernando Monje-0.29715-2540-0.211 (2012)ETCC '12
Jean Glorieux-0.2976-915-0.269 (2015)
Alex Buncombe-0.2986-3238-0.164 (2014)
Isaac Tutumlu-0.2997-22290.080 (2011)
Paddy Hopkirk-0.2994-1923-0.031 (1963)
Tuca Antoniazzi-0.2995-2631-0.160 (2021)
Alex Tagliani-0.2994-2024-0.085 (2010)
Arnold Mattschull-0.2993-811-0.237 (1988)
Viktor Davidovski-0.29921-89110-0.300 (2023)
Andrea Barlesi-0.2994-913-0.353 (2012)
David Parsons-0.3017-2431-0.488 (1984)
Ken Mathews-0.3022-1012-0.210 (1989)
Riccardo Patrese-0.3032-1012-0.463 (1995)
Vincent Abril-0.3034-1014-0.300 (2021)
Trevor Ashby-0.30412-2537-0.239 (2001)
Kristian Ghedina-0.3064-812-0.379 (2006)
Paolo Zadra-0.3065-1116-0.306 (2001)
Mark Cole-0.3072-2527-0.295 (2015)
Marcus Marshall-0.3088-4452-0.052 (2007)
Wolfgang Treml-0.3082-1618-0.362 (2010)
Rafael Galiana-0.3112-1113-0.167 (2016)
Rolf Blind-0.3112-1719-0.169 (1976)
Robb Holland-0.3112-1012-0.230 (2015)
Michael Doyle-0.31217-20370.000 (2007)
Manabu Orido-0.3120-1212-0.311 (2008)
Victor Jimenez-0.31342-801220.008 (2013)
Jake Eidson-0.3145-3035-0.314 (2018)
Tony Gilham-0.3143-5053-0.198 (2016)
Yves Baltas-0.3164-1115-0.315 (2023)
Leonardo Caglioni-0.31619-1635-0.092 (2021)
Charlie O'Brien-0.31713-3851-0.230 (1990)
Alex Yoong-0.3173-1013-0.252 (2008)
Paul Romano-0.3176-2935-0.310 (1996)
Filipe de Souza-0.31816-3046-0.084 (2015)
Mauro Turcatel-0.3182-9110.000 (1979)
Mark Thomas-0.3182-9110.000 (2002)
Gianni Giudici-0.3195-3237-0.397 (1995)
Roger Bell-0.3190-1919-0.293 (1975)
Sebastian Freymuth-0.3209-3140-0.163 (2022)
Takuya Kurosawa-0.3217-1421-0.164 (1994)
Andrew Bagnall-0.3212-810-0.626 (1988)
Jonathan Palmer-0.3211-1112-0.272 (1991)
Abdulaziz Al Faisal-0.3220-3030-0.308 (2010)
Liam Griffin-0.32211-8798-0.170 (2011)
Michele Alboreto-0.3233-811-0.214 (1995)
Wolf Nathan-0.32423-157180-0.304 (2016)
Wellington Justino-0.3245-2732-0.287 (2013)
Tomas Engstrom-0.32519-2645-0.085 (2008)
Ludwig Finauer-0.3260-1717-0.324 (1987)
Harry Nuttall-0.3270-1010-0.326 (1993)
George Frazier-0.3292-1012-0.231 (2000)
Phillip Scifleet-0.32912-2133-0.190 (2004)
Moreno Soli-0.3291-1112-0.306 (2001)
Norbert Brenner-0.3292-1921-0.327 (1988)
Karl Leonard-0.33115-38530.005 (2013)
Eugene O'Brien-0.3313-1316-0.302 (1993)
Jeff Smith-0.33236-157193-0.209 (2010)
Jirko Malcharek-0.3330-1313-0.332 (2000)
Ney Faustini-0.3347-11180.000 (1988)
Greg Taylor-0.3361-1415-0.334 (2018)
Congfu Cheng-0.3362-1416-0.333 (2010)
Nico Gruber-0.3394-2226-0.326 (2020)
Thomas Bleiner-0.3392-3335-0.279 (2003)
Mark Blundell-0.3413-5659-0.336 (2019)
David Dermont-0.3427-7077-0.081 (2008)
Uwe Reich-0.3432-810-0.153 (1987)
Stefan Rehkopf-0.3449-5968-0.192 (2020)
Tim Leahey-0.3440-1111
Diogo Pachenki-0.3445-813-0.237 (2011)
Sean Hudspeth-0.3441-2324-0.344 (2017)
Zsolt Szabo-0.34510-1626-0.096 (2018)
Olivier Tielemans-0.3453-2124-0.290 (2007)
Aldo Festante-0.34716-17330.084 (2020)
Franz Klammer-0.3475-2934-0.185 (1988)
Ethan Hammerton-0.34913-5265-0.206 (2018)
Gunter Murmann-0.3505-1419-0.365 (1990)
Stefano Buttiero-0.3501-1718-0.420 (1994)
Maurizio Ceresoli-0.3516-2834-0.297 (2007)
Matthias Jeserich-0.3523-2225-0.260 (2019)
Jack Butel-0.35347-186233-0.309 (2021)
Dugal McDougall-0.3544-2428-0.046 (2001)
Andy Britnell-0.35414-5367-0.299 (2004)
Christjohannes Schreiber-0.3567-916-0.333 (2017)
Graham Saunders-0.3573-1316-0.356 (2002)
Mark McNally-0.35910-5464-0.112 (2006)
Sandro Tannuri-0.3592-1618-0.247 (2005)
Jurgen Lassig-0.3607-1219-0.356 (1979)
Francisco Mora-0.3622-810-0.242 (2018)
Miguel Freitas-0.3623-1013-0.390 (2006)
Hannes Waimer-0.3631-2021-0.268 (2014)
Gabor Kismarty-Lechner-0.3633-2427-0.391 (2020)
Mateusz Lisowski-0.3643-912-0.363 (2012)
Andy Wilmot-0.3642-3335-0.321 (2018)
Osamu Nakako-0.3665-611-0.364 (1997)JTCC '97
Louis Krages-0.3673-100103-0.283 (1994)
Bashar Mardini-0.3693-4245-0.256 (2021)
Stuart Kostera-0.3706-713-0.143 (2010)
Clodoaldo Monteiro-0.3707-3239-0.355 (2019)
Guto Negrao-0.3718-47550.022 (2003)
Gianmarco Levorato-0.3718-1018-0.370 (2021)
Annette Meeuvissen-0.3736-7884-0.231 (1991)
Jade Edwards-0.37419-182201-0.299 (2022)
Richard Wagner-0.3749-6776-0.342 (2019)
Rene Munnich-0.3746-5864-0.263 (2015)
Daniele Cazzaniga-0.3757-2128-0.263 (2022)
Ollie Brown-0.3755-1015-0.375 (2020)
Graham Goode-0.3757-714-0.361 (1990)
Wayne Park-0.3791-1516-0.377 (1992)
Sam Smelt-0.3799-6978-0.361 (2021)
Kayne Scott-0.38010-919-0.333 (2007)
Clement Mateu-0.3819-7988-0.327 (2022)
Darren Pate-0.3815-1823-0.380 (1998)
Stephen Grove-0.3818-3341-0.298 (2019)
Enrique Maglione-0.38214-4155-0.320 (2022)
Mikael Forsten-0.3820-2121-0.353 (2007)
Edgar Colamarino-0.3840-1111-0.382 (1998)
Jack Smith-0.38465-288353-0.340 (2020)
Michael Bleekemolen-0.3859-3241-0.282 (2006)
Sergio Negroni-0.3850-1212-0.384 (2015)
Riccardo Romagnoli-0.3864-1519-0.180 (2010)
Walter Nussbaumer-0.3872-810
Manfred Mohr-0.3880-1010-0.360 (1969)
Paulo de Tarso Marques-0.3897-1825-0.333 (1988)
Glauco Solieri-0.3915-5257-0.302 (2016)
Esmee Hawkey-0.3919-59680.360 (2018)
Leopold von Bayern-0.3913-5457-0.129 (1990)
Rick Parfitt, Jr.-0.39323-100123-0.380 (2022)
Andy Neate-0.39513-133146-0.217 (2012)
Mike Smith-0.3952-1921-0.175 (1988)
Masaki Kano-0.3954-1418
Fabio Casagrande-0.39610-4656-0.135 (2022)
Saul Hack-0.3971-4546-0.396 (2019)
Spencer Martin-0.3984-1014-0.110 (1964)
Michael Verhagen-0.4007-3845-0.356 (2023)
Zane Goddard-0.40131-72103-0.187 (2020)
Neal Bates-0.4012-1214-0.248 (1989)
Katsutomo Kaneishi-0.4010-1212-0.399 (2003)
Luigi Colzani-0.4024-1822-0.357 (1972)
Rodney Felicio-0.4032-2325-0.382 (1997)
David Nye-0.4041-1112-0.404 (2010)
Yojiro Terada-0.4042-1517-0.362 (1995)
Mercedes Stermitz-0.4050-2828-0.390 (1987)
Stephen White-0.4051-1112-0.309 (1997)
Richard Meins-0.4053-2932-0.405 (2001)
Christof Langer-0.40613-105118-0.205 (2018)
Alex Moss-0.4062-1012-0.438 (1985)
Nick Halstead-0.4075-6974-0.404 (2023)
Gregoire Demoustier-0.4074-4044-0.393 (2016)
Andre Couto-0.4073-2023-0.215 (2006)
Mateo Llarena-0.4072-911-0.407 (2020)
John Cotter-0.4092-2022-0.091 (1994)
Affonso Giaffone-0.4102-1214-0.409 (1999)
Miguel Ramos-0.4114-1317-0.533 (1998)
Ben Collins-0.4132-1416-0.437 (2009)
Andrew Shelley-0.42012-8193-0.364 (2010)
Mattias Vahtel-0.4203-1013-0.202 (2021)
Cameron Hill-0.4215-2631-0.353 (2023)
John Blanchard-0.4234-4650-0.312 (1994)
Pedro Nunes-0.4252-1618-0.297 (2022)
Jason Young-0.42613-6679-0.344 (2006)
Ricardo Etchenique-0.4268-2533-0.388 (1996)
Adam Wallis-0.42710-1121-0.400 (2003)
Ksenia Niks-0.4285-2025-0.403 (2016)
Massimo Larini-0.4304-2226-0.416 (1972)
Raymond Coronel-0.4313-1215-0.669 (2010)
Alex de Giacomi-0.43412-3951-0.321 (2015)
Kerryn Brewer-0.4352-3234-0.412 (1998)
Nicolas Hamilton-0.43946-262308-0.006 (2012)
Arnd Meier-0.4392-1416-0.437 (1999)
Melinda Price-0.4392-3032-0.417 (1998)
Ray MacDowall-0.4402-2426-0.415 (2007)
Arjun Maini-0.4402-1719-0.378 (2022)
Michal Matejovsky-0.44216-6177-0.363 (2009)
Ahmed BinKhanen-0.4432-1315-0.393 (2018)
Newton Grillo-0.4449-918-0.375 (1997)
Jack Leconte-0.4447-1320-0.470 (2002)
Jens Hellstrom-0.4458-1321-0.408 (2004)
Michel Mora-0.4468-1624-0.446 (2002)
Will Powell-0.4508-6371-0.294 (2023)
Jaber Al Khalifa-0.4502-1820-0.368 (2007)
Roland Berville-0.45018-8199-0.292 (2018)
Mark Lemmer-0.4504-1721-0.450 (2000)
Simon Frederiks-0.45110-6171-0.199 (2003)
Jayme Figueiredo-0.4512-911-0.447 (1980)
Pasquale di Sabatino-0.4511-2223-0.325 (2014)
Sergio Ramalho-0.4513-811-0.558 (2011)
Per Stureson-0.4524-1519-0.450 (1988)DPM '85
Martin Johnson-0.45210-6878-0.338 (2005)
Aaron McGill-0.4544-2125-0.307 (2007)
Andrea Amici-0.4550-1616-0.454 (2011)
Michael Schrey-0.4572-810-0.484 (2006)
Fabio Fabiani-0.4580-3232-0.466 (2011)
Soren Spreng-0.4604-7983-0.443 (2022)
Dave Morgan-0.4623-811-0.448 (1981)
Stefano Gattuso-0.4628-1523-0.467 (2021)
Michael Leonard-0.4639-5463-0.396 (2009)
Don Smith-0.4643-912-0.543 (1987)
Harry Vaulkhard-0.46612-3749-0.256 (2010)
Stefano Bonello-0.4660-1212-0.452 (2000)
Sebastian Perez-0.46716-7591-0.360 (2015)
Martin Rich-0.4723-1013-0.472 (2004)
Richard Hawken-0.4740-1717-0.486 (2018)
Josh Caygill-0.4770-2020-0.287 (2021)
Jordan Boys-0.4775-1722-0.200 (2021)
Erkut Kizilirmak-0.4788-1523-0.467 (2008)
Jeremy Rossiter-0.4780-1111-0.477 (1989)
Josef Venc-0.4791-1516-0.478 (1995)
Keith Webster-0.47919-103122-0.453 (2011)
Marc Cini-0.4805-4348-0.347 (2016)
Gabriele Marotta-0.4801-910-0.457 (2015)
Jo Merszei-0.4801-1516-0.571 (2009)
Risto Vukov-0.4830-1313-0.483 (2023)
Jose Rodrigues-0.4832-1214-0.483 (2017)
Jessica Backman-0.48415-90105-0.380 (2019)
Beto Cavaleiro-0.4871-2122-0.475 (2014)
Fernando Croce-0.4892-1012-0.518 (2019)
Renee Gracie-0.49412-124136-0.349 (2015)
Philipp Sager-0.49512-120132-0.422 (2016)
Ruben Fernandez-0.4969-1120-0.429 (2022)
Yukinori Taniguchi-0.4976-2127-0.422 (2010)
Mark Hazell-0.4993-4952-0.434 (2006)
Gary Britnell-0.4994-2125-0.474 (2004)
Brian Callaghan, Jr.-0.5000-10100.000 (1989)
Fiona Leggate-0.5000-11110.000 (2007)
Andreas Rinke-0.5000-14140.000 (2013)
Vincent Vosse-0.5022-2325-0.480 (1995)
Daryl DeLeon-0.5025-2631-0.502 (2023)
Giovanni Berton-0.5074-1014-0.601 (2014)
Alex Martin-0.50812-6779-0.120 (2017)
Alexander Roloff-0.5111-1617-0.405 (2006)
Keiichi Suzuki-0.5130-1010-0.479 (1988)
Mark Howard-0.5152-3133-0.374 (2016)
Anett Gyorgy-0.5194-1216-0.518 (2017)
Peter Rikli-0.5205-1621-0.517 (2016)
Marcus Thomas-0.5202-1113-0.542 (2004)
Stewart Lines-0.5213-1619-0.406 (2017)
Jean-Luc Chereau-0.5213-912-0.520 (2002)
John Clark-0.5240-1616-0.560 (1990)
Annie Templeton-0.5240-1414-0.500 (2002)
Timur Sadredinov-0.5265-1520-0.586 (2010)
Daniel Niermann-0.5272-1820-0.528 (2016)
Martyn Bell-0.5327-2128-0.511 (2008)
Davide Roda-0.5341-4546-0.391 (2014)
Kin Veng Ng-0.5364-913-0.411 (2013)
Fariqe Hairuman-0.5370-1313-0.537 (2004)
Matthias Weiland-0.5375-2732-0.493 (2005)
Ross Halliday-0.5383-1417-0.559 (2002)
John George-0.5391-3132-0.556 (2010)
Kelvin Fletcher-0.5411-2324-0.482 (2014)
Kenji Kobayashi-0.5422-2325-0.502 (2019)
Felipe Fernandez-0.5438-1220-0.496 (2023)
Andy Wallace-0.5430-2020-0.534 (1994)
Damien White-0.5445-1217-0.547 (2007)
Jesse Dixon-0.5480-1010-0.516 (2012)
Harry Hirsch-0.5522-1113-0.552 (1979)
Massimo Giondi-0.5520-1818-0.428 (2010)
Andrey Smetsky-0.5540-1212-0.552 (2008)
Mark Radcliffe-0.5621-1314-0.467 (2017)
Frank Yu-0.5620-1010-0.561 (2015)
Yuey Tan-0.5631-1617-0.573 (2018)
Ricardo Brites-0.5670-1414-0.547 (1990)
Mike Newman-0.5703-912-0.475 (1989)
Ian Khan-0.5713-1013-0.400 (1993)
Santiago Creel-0.5741-4344-0.528 (2016)
Igor Skuz-0.5742-1820-0.470 (2014)
Pablo Otero-0.5781-3233-0.509 (2023)
Terry Wyhoon-0.5780-1111-0.577 (2000)
Yucel Ozbek-0.5787-97104-0.479 (2010)
Eduardo de Leon-0.5871-2829-0.553 (2011)
Steve Wood-0.6111-2526-0.543 (2004)
Munkong Sathienthirakul-0.6120-1010-0.626 (2015)
Richard Marsh-0.6261-1213-0.518 (2007)
Kevin Mundy-0.6352-1315-0.719 (2001)
Dave Allan-0.6410-1111-0.640 (2002)
John Ferguson-0.6611-2122-0.534 (2020)
Rudolf Gulker-0.6690-1010-0.669 (1978)
Christian Zink-0.6801-1011-0.680 (1999)
Jose Moraes Neto-0.6900-1111-0.689 (1979)
Graeme Mundy-0.7740-2222-0.501 (2014)

Top 5 drivers by year

1958Tommy Sopwith0.566Gawaine Baillie0.000
1961Mike Parkes0.242
1962John Love0.621Jack Sears0.199Mike Parkes0.165John Whitmore0.075
1963John Whitmore0.232David Haynes0.087Paddy Hopkirk-0.031
1964Jim Clark0.572John Whitmore0.297Bill Brown0.104Warwick Banks0.103John Rhodes0.018
1965Jim Clark0.665John Whitmore0.250Jack Sears0.059Peter Procter-0.252
1966Ray Calcutt0.367John Rhodes0.255Nick Brittan0.250Peter Arundell0.097John Handley-0.524
1967Tony Fall0.298John Rhodes-0.032Ian Geoghegan-0.073John Handley-0.239
1968Brian Robinson0.287Dieter Quester0.250Chris Craft0.152John Rhodes0.141Hubert Hahne0.104
1969Chris Craft0.285Yvette Fontaine0.170Dieter Glemser0.112Gordon Spice0.043Freddy Semoulin0.018
1970Yoshimi Katayama0.493Toine Hezemans0.402Colin Bond0.328Toshinori Takechi0.296Norm Beechey0.207
1971Allan Moffat0.333Colin Bond0.229Toine Hezemans0.211Gianluigi Picchi0.123Vince Woodman-0.001
1972Jochen Mass0.346Toine Hezemans0.319John Fitzpatrick0.217Gianluigi Picchi0.105Dieter Glemser0.075
1973Hans-Joachim Stuck0.229Clemens Schickentanz-0.166Spartaco Dini-0.176Hartmut Kautz-0.410
1974Klaus Ludwig0.400Rolf Stommelen0.301Andy Rouse0.297John Fitzpatrick0.281Bernard Unett0.182
1975Bob Wollek0.331Hans Heyer0.325Helmut Kelleners0.283Tim Schenken0.277Bernard Unett0.209
1976Toine Hezemans0.356Klaus Utz0.352Hans Heyer0.325Reinhardt Stenzel0.324Bob Wollek0.241
1977Hans Heyer0.531Jean-Louis Lafosse0.508Rolf Stommelen0.499Allan Moffat0.470Walter Struckmann0.364
1978Toine Hezemans0.454Klaus Niedzwiedz0.392Hans Heyer0.321Peter Brock0.280John Fitzpatrick0.267
1979Affonso Giaffone, Jr.0.417Bob Wollek0.333Klaus Ludwig0.313Walter Spinelli0.289Nelson Lacerda0.133
1980Walter Spinelli0.570Jean-Michel Martin0.437Hans-Joachim Stuck0.411Antonio Carlos Avallone0.356Win Percy0.354
1981Klaus Ludwig0.686Olimpio Alencar, Jr.0.496Pierre Dieudonne0.491Jon Dooley0.489Affonso Giaffone, Jr.0.432
1982Olimpio Alencar, Jr.0.666Andy Rouse0.317Zeca Giaffone0.311Marco Micangeli0.293Helmut Kelleners0.279
1983Dany Snobeck0.461Bob Wollek0.343Helmut Kelleners0.260Maurizio Micangeli0.218Martin Brundle0.207
1984Harald Grohs0.475Stefan Bellof0.393Gianfranco Brancatelli0.286Helmut Kelleners0.286Peter Brock0.242
1985Olimpio Alencar, Jr.0.469Alain Cudini0.450Tom Walkinshaw0.434Win Percy0.434Gianfranco Brancatelli0.340
1986Alain Cudini0.574Olivier Grouillard0.511Stuart Cole0.438Winfried Vogt0.402George Fury0.371
1987Dany Snobeck0.489Emanuele Pirro0.485John Smith0.467Klaus Niedzwiedz0.425Roberto Ravaglia0.420
1988Roberto Ravaglia0.598Jacques Laffite0.535Olivier Grouillard0.531Dick Johnson0.529Alain Cudini0.452
1989Dick Johnson0.542Jim Richards0.526Klaus Niedzwiedz0.454Klaus Ludwig0.444Peter Brock0.440
1990Emanuele Pirro0.508Roberto Ravaglia0.493Altfrid Heger0.482Ian Forrest0.409Alain Cudini0.380
1991Roberto Ravaglia0.542Roland Asch0.531Jorg van Ommen0.447Jim Richards0.444Johnny Cecotto0.392
1992Kieth O'Dor0.518Marc Sourd0.512Andy Middlehurst0.435Tim Harvey0.404Tony Longhurst0.376
1993Paul Radisich0.707Frank Biela0.611Eric van de Poele0.552Wilson Fittipaldi, Jr.0.453Ivan Capelli0.439
1994Laurent Aiello0.622Roberto Ravaglia0.495Alain Menu0.467Mark Skaife0.452Gabriele Tarquini0.436
1995Kieth O'Dor0.646Laercio Justino0.554Eric Helary0.539Mark Skaife0.537Rickard Rydell0.498
1996Rinaldo Capello0.633Jan Magnussen0.576Roland Asch0.526John Bowe0.494Marc Duez0.491
1997Laurent Aiello0.570John Bowe0.498Joachim Winkelhock0.467Klaus Niedzwiedz0.444Alessandro Weiss0.433
1998Johnny Cecotto0.607Rickard Rydell0.543Jason Bargwanna0.499Craig Lowndes0.494James Thompson0.484
1999Uwe Alzen0.513Fabrizio Giovanardi0.466Christian Abt0.459Laurent Aiello0.450Paul Radisich0.393
2000Alexander Grau0.568Laurent Aiello0.531Bernd Schneider0.479David Leslie0.455Garth Tander0.454
2001Wolf Henzler0.530Laurent Aiello0.483Timo Benhard0.425Bernd Schneider0.403Thomas Jager0.403
2002Tim Harvey0.579Laurent Aiello0.474Marc Lieb0.448Manuel Reuter0.439Norman Simon0.396
2003Peter Dumbreck0.628Alex Davison0.594Greg Murphy0.541Garth Tander0.541Alain Menu0.536
2004Marcel Fassler0.599Emanuele Pirro0.535Gabriele Tarquini0.515Mattias Ekstrom0.514Marcos Ambrose0.492
2005Jamie Green0.785Laurent Aiello0.736Jason Bargwanna0.589Mattias Ekstrom0.492Gary Paffett0.453
2006Craig Lowndes0.586Timo Scheider0.561Mariano Altuna0.546Tom Kristensen0.474Thed Bjork0.397
2007Alexandre Premat0.503Andy Priaulx0.463Martin Tomczyk0.407Adam Jones0.398Juan Manuel Silva0.390
2008James Courtney0.621Garth Tander0.563Timo Scheider0.532Jan Seyffarth0.519Jamie Whincup0.488
2009Rene Rast0.730Jan Seyffarth0.549Caca Bueno0.507Timo Scheider0.474Gary Paffett0.455
2010Fredrik Ekblom0.761Nonno Figueiredo0.617Rene Rast0.582Garth Tander0.577Mark Winterbottom0.549
2011Oliver Gavin0.564Fredrik Ekblom0.542Chaz Mostert0.507Tom Boardman0.500Bruno Spengler0.500
2012Norbert Michelisz0.552Sean Edwards0.550Rene Rast0.514Michael Caruso0.491Mike Rockenfeller0.460
2013Marco Wittmann0.810Paul Dumbrell0.596Agustin Canapino0.531Craig Baird0.515Thed Bjork0.510
2014Marco Wittmann0.613Luke Youlden0.494Jack Mitchell0.491Scott McLaughlin0.486Leandro Totti0.483
2015Steven Richards0.656Gary Paffett0.652Marcio Campos0.576Marcos Gomes0.555Luke Youlden0.494
2016Marco Wittmann0.667Ben Barker0.570Julio Campos0.542Franco Vivian0.541Alexandre Premat0.529
2017Nick Yelloly0.617Stefano Comini0.595Alexandre Premat0.533Gabriel Casagrande0.500Maxime Martin0.484
2018Rene Rast0.584Jean-Karl Vernay0.550Alexandre Premat0.533Kevin Ceccon0.525Alex Davison0.489
2019Philipp Eng0.558Rene Rast0.536Jean-Karl Vernay0.509Matias Rossi0.472Teddy Clairet0.459
2020Denis Navarro0.708Rene Rast0.599Will Davison0.562Timo Glock0.516Dan Cammish0.461
2021Sheldon van der Linde0.524Yann Ehrlacher0.424Cameron Waters0.402Julian Santero0.398Kelvin van der Linde0.397
2022Sheldon van der Linde0.654Rene Rast0.571Mikel Azcona0.565Laurin Heinrich0.526Maxime Martin0.511
2023Sheldon van der Linde0.670Chaz Mostert0.580Ricardo Feller0.539Thomas Preining0.518Marco Wittmann0.452

Highest-rated driver by series each year

ETCC/WTCC/TCRATCC/SupercarsDRM/DPM/DTMBSCC/BTCCStock Car Brasil/ProPorsche Supercup
1958Tommy Sopwith0.566
1961Mike Parkes0.242
1962John Love0.621
1963John Whitmore (1)0.232
1964John Whitmore (2)0.297Jim Clark (1)0.572
1965John Whitmore (3)0.250Bill Brown0.104Jim Clark (2)0.665
1966Ray Calcutt0.367
1968Dieter Quester0.250Brian Robinson0.287
1969Chris Craft0.285
1970Yoshimi Katayama0.493Colin Bond (1)0.328
1971Toine Hezemans (1)0.211Allan Moffat (1)0.333
1972Jochen Mass0.346John Fitzpatrick0.217
1973Hans-Joachim Stuck (1)0.229
1974Klaus Ludwig (1)0.400Rolf Stommelen0.301Andy Rouse (1)0.297
1975Harald Grohs (1)0.209Bob Wollek (1)0.331Bernard Unett0.209
1976Jean Xhenceval/Pierre Dieudonne0.139Toine Hezemans (2)0.356Win Percy (1)0.232
1977Carlo Facetti/Martino Finotto0.126Allan Moffat (2)0.470Hans Heyer0.531
1978Peter Brock (1)0.280Toine Hezemans (3)0.454Gordon Spice (1)0.214
1979Siegfried Muller, Jr. (1)0.031Peter Brock (2)0.052Bob Wollek (2)0.333Gordon Spice (2)0.103Affonso Giaffone, Jr.0.417
1980Siegfried Muller, Jr. (2)/Helmut Kelleners (1)0.317Hans-Joachim Stuck (2)0.411Win Percy (2)0.354Walter Spinelli0.570
1981Colin Bond (2)0.219Klaus Ludwig (2)0.686Jon Dooley (1)0.489Olimpio Alencar, Jr. (1)0.496
1982Marco Micangeli0.293Bob Holden0.275Andy Rouse (2)0.317Olimpio Alencar, Jr. (2)0.666
1983Helmut Kelleners (2)0.260Allan Moffat (3)0.086Bob Wollek (3)0.343Alan Curnow0.089
1984Gianfranco Brancatelli/Helmut Kelleners (3)0.286Peter Brock (3)0.242Harald Grohs (2)0.475Phil Dowsett0.218Luiz Bueno0.178
1985Tom Walkinshaw/Win Percy (3)0.434John Smith (1)0.295Winfried Vogt (1)0.206Jon Dooley (2)0.239Olimpio Alencar, Jr. (3)0.469
1986Winfried Vogt (2)0.402George Fury0.371Volker Weidler0.153Stuart Cole0.438Luiz Alberto Pereira0.251
1987Emanuele Pirro (1)0.485John Smith (2)0.467Eric van de Poele0.148Chris Hodgetts0.203Ingo Hoffmann0.024
1988Roberto Ravaglia0.598Dick Johnson (1)0.529Alain Cudini0.452Frank Sytner0.299Marcos Gracia0.207
1989Dick Johnson (2)0.542Klaus Niedzwiedz0.454James Weaver0.423Thiago Grison0.167
1990Dick Johnson (3)0.328Emanuele Pirro (2)0.508Ian Forrest0.409Marcelo Tedesco0.043
1991Jim Richards0.444Roland Asch0.531Will Hoy0.279Valmir Candeu0.305
1992Tony Longhurst0.376Kurt Thiim0.368Kieth O'Dor0.518Chico Serra0.205
1993Dick Johnson (4)0.257Nicola Larini0.380Paul Radisich (1)0.707Wilson Fittipaldi, Jr. (1)0.453
1994Mark Skaife (1)0.452Klaus Ludwig (3)0.320Alain Menu (1)0.467Wilson Fittipaldi, Jr. (2)0.311
1995Mark Skaife (2)0.537Klaus Ludwig (4)0.353Rickard Rydell (1)0.498Laercio Justino (1)0.554
1996John Bowe (1)0.494Jan Magnussen0.576Alain Menu (2)0.461Laercio Justino (2)0.397
1997John Bowe (2)0.498Laurent Aiello (1)0.570Alain Menu (3)0.395Alessandro Weiss0.433
1998Jason Bargwanna (1)0.499Johnny Cecotto0.607Rickard Rydell (2)0.543Paulo Gomes0.116
1999Paul Radisich (2)0.393Uwe Alzen0.513Laurent Aiello (2)0.450Flavio Trindade0.235
2000David Leslie0.455Garth Tander (1)0.454Laurent Aiello (3)0.531James Thompson0.275Patrick Huisman0.387
2001Peter Kox0.401Marcos Ambrose (1)0.355Laurent Aiello (4)0.483Yvan Muller (1)0.293Wolf Henzler0.530
2002Salvatore Tavano0.313Mark Skaife (3)0.385Laurent Aiello (5)0.474Tim Harvey0.579Marc Lieb0.448
2003Gabriele Tarquini (1)0.392Greg Murphy0.541Peter Dumbreck0.628Dan Eaves0.344Caca Bueno (1)0.381Frank Stippler0.375
2004Gabriele Tarquini (2)0.515Marcos Ambrose (2)0.492Marcel Fassler0.599Anthony Reid0.377Caca Bueno (2)0.246Mike Rockenfeller (1)0.460
2005Alain Menu (4)0.322Jason Bargwanna (2)0.589Jamie Green0.785Yvan Muller (2)0.339Nono Figueiredo (1)0.372Jan Seyffarth (1)0.308
2006Ryan Sharp0.297Craig Lowndes0.586Timo Scheider (1)0.561Matt Neal0.379Thiago Marques0.394David Saelens0.372
2007Andy Priaulx0.463Paul Morris0.381Alexandre Premat0.503Adam Jones0.398Ricardo Mauricio0.375Damien Faulkner0.364
2008Yvan Muller (3)0.306James Courtney (1)0.621Timo Scheider (2)0.532Colin Turkington0.320Julio Campos (1)0.365Jan Seyffarth (2)0.519
2009Yvan Muller (4)0.389Mark Winterbottom (1)0.419Timo Scheider (3)0.474Jason Plato0.390Caca Bueno (3)0.507Rene Rast (1)0.730
2010Gabriele Tarquini (3)0.354Garth Tander (2)0.577Timo Scheider (4)0.396James Nash0.264Nono Figueiredo (2)0.617Rene Rast (2)0.582
2011Tom Coronel0.360Rick Kelly0.323Bruno Spengler0.500Tom Boardman0.500Regis Boessio0.405Sean Edwards (1)0.486
2012Norbert Michelisz (1)0.552Michael Caruso0.491Mike Rockenfeller (2)0.460Mat Jackson (1)0.285Valdeno Brito0.426Sean Edwards (2)0.550
2013Yvan Muller (5)0.336Shane van Gisbergen0.321Marco Wittmann (1)0.810Dave Newsham (1)0.356Rubens Barrichello (1)0.449Kevin Estre0.506
2014Jose Maria Lopez (1)0.384Scott McLaughlin (1)0.486Marco Wittmann (2)0.613Mat Jackson (2)0.378Atila Abreu0.460Nicki Thiim0.369
2015Jose Maria Lopez (2)0.308James Courtney (2)0.458Gary Paffett0.652Dave Newsham (2)0.270Marcos Gomes0.555Michael Ammermuller0.421
2016Jose Maria Lopez (3)0.389Mark Winterbottom (2)0.518Marco Wittmann (3)0.667Josh Cook0.466Julio Campos (2)0.542Sven Muller0.441
2017Thed Bjork0.400Jamie Whincup0.442Maxime Martin0.484Aron Taylor-Smith0.371Gabriel Casagrande0.500Dennis Olsen0.439
2018Jean-Karl Vernay (1)0.550David Reynolds0.467Rene Rast (3)0.584Ashley Sutton (1)0.360Felipe Lapenna0.480Thomas Preining0.380
2019Jean-Karl Vernay (2)0.509Scott McLaughlin (2)0.396Philipp Eng0.558Ashley Sutton (2)0.373Cesar Ramos0.405Ayhancan Guven0.385
2020Yann Ehrlacher (1)0.433Cameron Waters (1)0.401Rene Rast (4)0.599Dan Cammish0.461Denis Navarro0.708Larry ten Voorde (1)0.318
2021Yann Ehrlacher (2)0.424Cameron Waters (2)0.402Sheldon van der Linde (1)0.524Ashley Sutton (3)0.273Caca Bueno (4)0.351Larry ten Voorde (2)0.388
2022Mikel Azcona0.565Chaz Mostert (1)0.479Sheldon van der Linde (2)0.654Ashley Sutton (4)0.376Rubens Barrichello (2)0.496Laurin Heinrich0.526
2023Norbert Michelisz (2)0.349Chaz Mostert (2)0.580Sheldon van der Linde (3)0.670Ashley Sutton (5)0.324Felipe Fraga0.372Morris Schuring0.265
Sean Wrona is the Managing Editor of racermetrics.com, the Webmaster of race-database.com, the winner of the 2010 Ultimate Typing Championship at the SXSW Interactive Conference in Austin, and the ratings compiler and statistician for the Mensa Scrabble-by-Mail SIG. He earned a master's in applied statistics from Cornell University in 2008 and previously digitized several seasons of NBA box scores on basketball-reference.com. He is the author of Nerds Per Minute: A History of Competitive Typing. You may contact him at sean@racermetrics.com.